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Chinese 1: 死活题 sǐhut [1]
Chinese 2: 诘棋 (詰棋) ji q
Japanese 1: 詰碁 (tsumego) composed problems
Japanese 2: 死活 (shikatsu) practical life-and-death
Korean: 사활

Tsumego, a Japanese go term adopted into English, are problems mainly about life and death, but also about ko, capturing races, cutting, connecting, etc. As a rule they are local problems, but a few involve the whole board.

There are many published collections of tsumego, or life-and-death problems, many in Asian languages but increasingly many in Western languages. Many collections are available on the internet. SL also has a growing collection of go problems.

Most professional players and top amateur players agree that solving tsumego is the best way to improve[2].

Further reading

It is important to know how to approach a life and death problem. We have a few pages discussing this topic.

Some related terms

Problem pages


[1] Simply 死活题, because 题 = 问题 = question/problem rather than Wiq = Go / sǐhu = die/live / wnt = problems => 围棋死活 and/or 死活问题

[2] In his "Commented games volume 1", Lee Sedol says playing relatively fast games and reviewing them as the most effective method.

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