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  • Real name: Benjamin van der Burgh
  • KGS Nickname: Gringo
  • DGS Nickname: Gringo (Inactive)
  • Location: Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Started playing: 17 January 2006
  • Go Club: De Leidse Go Club
  • Member of the NGoB (Dutch Go Association) and AGA (American Go Association)
  • Quote: "I feel some bad aji in the air..."

Study Focus


Future Reading

Go Blog

15 February 2006

I'm playing for about a month now and I thought it would be nice to keep a log from now on. I started registering on KGS under the name of Pheodax almost a month ago now. Shortly after that, I bought my own cheap table goban and started playing with a friend. I'm now studying with the few books I bought, I solve Tsumego and I browse Sensei's Library a lot. I think I'm improving pretty well. There's a holiday coming which I'm going to spend almost totally to Go.

13 March 2006

Wow. It has been a month since my last post :) I have been reading a lot about the world of go, which is very interesting. I'm considering to buy the GoGoD CD. I still have to finish The Second Book of Go, but school is keeping me from studying go. I've registered an account on Dragon Go Server under the name of Gringo. I've played a few games there (won most of them) and started a "vacation" a few days ago. DGS kept me away from my homework. I've also played a few more games on KGS. I won one of them against a 25k player with about 35 moku. The other one was against a beginner. He took a 6-stone handicap, but I still won with 34.5 moku.

19 March 2006

I bought 6 more Go books yesterday from Schaak en Gowinkel het Paard by mailorder. I first called them for some advise. A very friendly man helped me and explained what every book was about and which are real must-haves for players of my strength (I'm about 20k now) I bought books 3 to 6 from the Elementary Go Series, Go Proverbs and Go Players Almanac (2001 edition). Cost me a pretty penny, but it should be worth it. I took a break from the Dragon Go Server after a few lost games and started playing again today. I bought some of Guo Juan's Audio Go Lessons a few weeks ago and bought some more this week. They're really, really good and fit my strength perfectly (especially the Step-by-step course and the Star Point Joseki lectures) Thanks Guo Juan!!

22 August 2006

It has been months since my last post. I don't have a lot to talk about, really. I haven't played a lot during the first few weeks of my holidays. Last week I started to play again and I feel I have improved a lot. Yesterday I played against a Portugese guy who's working in Holland. He said he's about 15kyu KGS. Because of a bad start he made I managed to take a huge lead. Perhaps he underestimated me a little. Maybe I underestimated myself by saying I'm 14kyu (Dutch)... I don't know.


Leave a message here if you like!


I stopped playing at DGS... It just takes too long to finish a game. Playing online doesn't really suit me (although I sometimes play on KGS). I thank everyone for playing a game with me.

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