Korea Prime Minister Cup World Baduk Championship

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The Korea Prime Minister Cup World Baduk Championship, generally known as the KPMC, is a yearly event for amateurs held in Korea since 2006. Several countries hold a qualification tournament for the KPMC, called the Korean Ambassadors Cup.

Nr. Year Date Location Winner Result Link
1st 2006 October 20-27 Jeonju City Woo Dong-Ha 🇰🇷 result [ext] link
2nd 2007 October 12-17 Suwon City Kang ChangBae 🇰🇷 result [ext] link
3rd 2008 November 7-12 Goyang City Jian Lichen 🇹🇼 result [ext] link
4th 2009 October 23-28 Jeonju City Song Hong-suk 🇰🇷 result
5th 2010 October 21-27 Changwon City Lee SangHun 🇰🇷 result
6th 2011 October 20-25 Pohang Chen Zijian [ext] link [ext] link
7th 2012 October 25-30 [ext] Gwangju Han Seung-yu 🇰🇷 [ext] result
8th 2013 October 10-15 [ext] Gumi Park Jae-Geun 🇰🇷 [ext] result
9th 2014 September 17-22 [ext] Seoul Wei Tae-woong 🇰🇷 [ext] result [ext] EGD
10th 2015 November 12-27 [ext] Seoul Hu Yuqing 🇨🇳 [ext] result [ext] EGD [ext] link
11th 2016 September 3-9 [ext] Julpo Bay, Buan Yang Rundong 🇨🇳 [ext] result
12th 2017 September 11-13 [ext] Julpo Bay, Buan Zhao Yikang 🇨🇳 [ext] result [ext] http://kpmc.kbaduk.or.kr/eng/
13th 2018 September 10-12 [ext] Julpo Bay, Buan Lyu Liyan 🇨🇳 [ext] result [ext] http://kpmc.kbaduk.or.kr/eng/
14th 2019 September 2-4 [ext] Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do He Xin 🇨🇳 [ext] result [ext] http://kpmc.kbaduk.or.kr/eng/
15th 2020 July 29 - August 3 Tygem Ma Tianfang 🇨🇳 [ext] result [ext] http://kpmc.kbaduk.or.kr/eng/

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