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Quattro is the alternate persona of Char when he joined the Londo Bell forces in the Z Gundam series. He's one of the most gifted ace pilots in the Zeon race and he is also known as the 'Red Comet' because his mecha, Sazabi, single-handedly destroyed 5 Federation battleships in one of the One Year War battles. His rivalry with Amuro still remains as a classic today.

Proud 42nd member of the Sabaki Go Club (House Honinbo)

My Friends List (in no particular order)

  • p0w3L3s5 -- (aka Fighter pow, Psycho pow, Shusaku pow, Sandbagger pow and Greedy pow. Also sidekick commentator #1)
  • maltar -- (Up and rising star of sabaki go club and club jester. Also sidekick commentator #2)
  • Gatsu88 -- (Friendly guy with an awesome violent picture)
  • Exar -- (Virtual mentor + good friend + reviewing partner. When are you going to officially accept me as your student Exar? ☺)
  • archer42 -- (My first teacher who taught me the basics of go. Thanks archer)
  • reptar -- (A dino who knows how to write books. His most famous publication is one named "Death is upon you!")
  • Carcer -- (Spy #1 and one of the inventors of the famous Sabaki ladder)
  • Kakashisan -- (0p, fearless leader of Sabaki go club and husband of Feng Yun 9p ☺)
  • iLoveSai -- (RG = Recruiting God who can recruit dan players with the snap of his fingertips)
  • utwig / sabaki / kakashi -- (Well his account name says it all about his status in Sabaki go club doesn't it? ☺ Also the head of House Honinbo)
  • DangoMouse -- (Now I can't tell the difference between the two. I see a snake in both pictures and that's pretty much it)
  • Tatsu / Sponge -- (Good friend and we belong to the same teaching group too)
  • allanx98 / FireFox04? -- (Founder of Go Cafe along with Highwind)
  • wetnose -- (Also a good friend of mine)
  • Vindicare -- (Another fellow House Honinbo member who's in the same teaching group as I am. Also my awesome rengo partner in the most recent rengo tournament)
  • Tsutsui -- (Joseki man)
  • Highwind -- (FF Comrade #1. The owner of greens that all chocobos love to eat)
  • Seifer -- (FF Comrade #2)
  • LegendsEnd -- (Famous for his trick plays, tengen play, and most of all, the A1 tesuji. There is no chance to survive so make your time)
  • UhOhItsLi -- (aka Sandbagger, 9p, Bakuryu, ChibiLi?, LiSyoaran?, ahhhhh I lost track of his accounts!)
  • nutcase -- (mentor of p0w3L3s5. Really nuts about go)
  • schach -- (The board game master. The guy who drags me into the world of shogi ☺ )
  • Dakre -- (Very friendly guy who ends every sentence with a "beaky" :>)
  • BotezatR -- A huge Dragonball fan like myself

... and all other Sabaki Go Club members.

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