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The Sabaki Ladder - extend?


Starting April, 2007 I will be trying to make a goal of 258 games in one month! Beating my previous record of 257....


I need a new picture to put up anyone have anysuggestions let me know. - Carcer

Comments started by other people

Carcer is my friend. - iLoveSai
Carcer is God and I will forever believe in Him. - reptar
Carcer is. -fusojigen

Carcer power!!! - Quattro

p0w3L3s5 : Carcer hmm.. i met him in sabaki .. hes one strong guy who i still yet to beat but i will someday :P
Aalbeezt: I asked Carcer to mentor me a while ago, and since then i grew from say 28kyu to 20. I asked Carcer to mentor me after seeing a few of his games. His playing style sometimes seems risky, but he knows what he's doing... sometimes. Carcer, thanks for explaining, reviewing and playing me! Someday the student will beat the mentor :-)
Aalbeezt: One more thing... don't forget: Save the rainforrest! Eat more woodpeckers%%% Quattro hmm I doubt whether eating woodpeckers would be the best way to save the rainforest. It could be a start...

This is my Graph... on KGS

7/25/04 I think I might try to edit this page daily I doubt I will even accomplish a week of it. Anyway I need some stuff to put up here.

I have some freinds on KGS. Reptar and ilovesai already visited the page so you can see that. Aalbeezt who I am mentoring.

Kakashisan who is the Sabaki Go Club's fearless leader.

Kakashi aka Utwig aka Sabaki is a really strong go player who actually knows me.

There are some others like Li the sandbagger and LE who plays the A1 tesuji but that gives me more to add later SO IF I DIDN'T ADD YOU ADD YOURSELF PLEASE!!!

7/26/04 Well it is 5:30 in the morning didn't sleep... I have been working on the Sabaki Ladder problem with Reptar and Dango! If you want to know more about it let me know.

I remembered some freinds. Maltar and p0w3L3s5 I met them together for some reason. Maltar is reptars student. And is gonna soon pass me in strength but for now I am stronger HAHAHA!

DangoMouse is a 1k and he gives me a teaching game sometimes.

7/27/04 Remembered some more Dmajor7106 and DocHoliday. Both are great guys who are fun to play against.

7/29/04 Sakura93 is another freind that I talk to when she is on. She likes anime and is a naruto fan.

7/31/04 Quattro is a cool guy. He is a graduate now I think in eletrical ENG. This guy also like Calculus like me!

3/30/05 They changed the way they have senseis... I thought I should post here. KAKASHISAN IS AVOIDING PLAYING ME!! He doesn't like me or something. MrKibbles is a strange guy, maybe he likes cat food.

6/10/06 Been a while since I was here thought I should post so they don't delete my page. I wonder if anyone visits it. If you do let me know! Would be cool. I still like my ladder.

POLL: Which one is the REAL Aal?

Choice A: .

Choice B: .

Choice C:

Choice D: .

iLoveSai : All of the above. Depending on which purse he uses that day, his look changes !

Anonymous: I know Choice D is the real Aal, i know her in person :-)

LegendsEnd: It's obviously Choice D.

reptar: I think A... Aal often calls himself a lesbian and he has a handpurse that he smacks people with... humm... maybe D... Maybe 70% A and 30% D?

Carcerwannabe: A seems reasonable since Aal said his/her age was 28. B looks like an 18 year old. C & D looks like they are 20

Well it's not D unless Aal is my girlfriend in disguize, so i'm going with A - GodRaisty

A has the background of a news paper :p... I'd say it is most likely that "aal" is neither of "the above". - "Fusojigen"

Quattro (August 23, 2004) I managed to get myself a workstation in the library today but unfortunately this comp doesn't support Java so I can't use the KGS client :( Anyhow, I'll compensate for that by voting on this page. I vote for A to break the tie (actually I would have gone for E if there is such an option :) )

Poll Results:

A: 75% B: -1% C: 1% D: 50% None of the above: +-10%

(no it doesn't add to more then 100%...)

THE REAL AAL is #3!!! (According to Aal...)

Sabaki Ladder

Carcer is also the genius behind this great ladder: ~reptar

The Sabaki Ladder - extend?  

Old Stuff

Aal wants me to use this picture

what do you think??

That picture is great, don't mind the others they have no idea what they are talking about - Crimson

Well I dont like the idea of posting picture of your girlfriend on the internet.. she might get mad -GodRaisty

I think that picture sucks :) - reptar

Wow! Last time I saw this page, the picture didn't work, not sure which one I prefer :p -fusojigen

The fact that you put the picture here shows you (secretly?) like it! So why not express your inner feelings AND USE THE PIC!????!!! - Aalbeezt?

You sick Aal -Carcer
Thanks! Should i see a doctor about it? - Aalbeezt?
If you used this picture you would be the COOLEST person in Sabaki :p - Foobat?
Nice pic. (where does Aal get all of those pictures from....?) - firefox04?

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If you are visiting this page you better edit it and make it better. ^_^

Grrr this page sucks!

You need to work on this page more. Oh and I'm back :-) Farseeing?

Carcer last edited by Farseeing on April 18, 2008 - 00:05
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