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This is the list of teaching games given in the KGS Teaching Ladder. There were 219 games recorded on this page during April. WuQingYuan, with 51 games, lead the challenge and will receive 5 teaching sessions during the coming months from Vegetarian.

For May the player who records the most teaching games will again receive a number of teaching sessions with Vegetarian (5d) according to the following (see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page) :

  • 1-5 games receives 1 teaching session
  • 6-15 games receives 2 teaching sessions
  • 15-25 games receives 3 teaching sessions
  • 26-50 games receives 4 teaching sessions
  • >50 games receives 5 teaching sessions

The only further condition is that the total number of games recorded must exceed April's total by at least 50, which means that 269 games must be recorded

If you wish to be a teacher please add your details here and update the counter below (teachers are listed according to rank). You should give your KGS handle (with a link to your SL page if you have one), rank and optional comments. When you play a game add the result and update the game counter given on the next line. You should also provide a link to the game in the KGS archives. Any of the existing entries can be used as a template. Please do not include any games where the student is less than 3 stones weaker than the teacher - those are not of as much value.

The May challenge failed to come even remotely close to producing the number of games which resulted from the April challenge. There will therefore be no June rewards for the leader of any challenge.

Number of teachers listed: 45
Total games for May: 92

This is just a list of games. There is no contest per se. There is the added bonus that I (Vegetarian) will offer some teaching games to the person who does the most teaching - if they want it. But this page is primarily a record of games which were played in the KGS Teaching Ladder together with links to those games so that others my look over them and gain from them. Sort of like a KGS online version of GTL. At the end of the month all games listed will be moved to the KGS Teaching Ladder / Archives.

Vegetarian (5d)

  • I'll usually have an open game up in the room if I am available to teach.

daylight17? "(2-3dan)"

  • I'll try teaching because I want to play more games without waiting. Can teach 3k and below.

__ Alex Weldon (2d CGA/1k KGS)

method (1d)

  • If you see me ask me for a teaching or review. See you.
  • May Games:

taiji (1k)

  • I will offer a teaching game if I am available.
  • Good luck!
  • May Games:

Algar? (2-3kyu KGS, 1 dan Canadian)

  • Authorized teaching account! (Meaning now offering lessons in audio if you wish.)
  • Any 10-30kyu wanting a teaching game, please message me.
  • May Games:
    1. May 10 [ext] DnF (11k)

Aruu (5kyu on Aruu, 3kyu on Yashiro, 1kyu AGA)

  • I am willing to teach 10 kyu to 20kyu.If you want a game just message me.
  • May Games:

snorro (1k)

  • I like teaching players from 6k to 14k. I usually put up a game if I want to teach, but you can also try to message me if you are in need of some teaching:)
  • June Games:
    1. June 26 [ext] damha (13k)

Ogata9p? (3k)

  • I'd like to teach players from 8-16k,6 and 7k may also get teaching games from me but I'm not sure whether I can help,>__>
  • May Games:

puripuri (KGS 2-4k) Teaching from 30 kyu to around 10 kyu.

  • May Games:

FuZZ (4k)

  • Private message me when I'm connected for a teaching game.
  • Teaching players from 10k to 30k
  • May Games:
    1. May 8 [ext] azndark (11k)

Mef (4k)

  • I generally teach 12 - 30k, but I'll be up for a game against just about anyone
  • Much like taiji I'm having a problem with the dates being one off as well, so I think my list is now corrected to match the KGS Archives which use GMT.

HappyMan? (4k)

Kagura (5k)

  • I teach 10k-30k, and am an experienced teacher. Please let me know if you wish for a teaching game form me. :)
  • May Games:

BramGo or WuQingyuan (6k-4k)

  • Restarted Teaching Recently
  • currently reading The Middle Game Of Go, Get Strong at invading, Positional Judgment High speed Game analysis, The Nihon Ki-in small Fuseki Encyclopedia Volume 2
  • Stoped Teaching Since June 22 ... now I only teach to people who played white in one of their last 3 teaching games. I hope to support and restart the teaching LADDER that way.

Hoe4 (6k)

  • Willing to teach 12k to 20k, >20k on 9x9. Message me if you want a game.
  • April Games:
  • May Games:

FroG (6k)

  • Usually I teach 10-30kyu. If I'm going to teach I'll have a game up in the Teaching Ladder. Please don't message me asking for games.
  • May Games:

marwin (7K KGS)

  • i can teach 12 kyu and lower - so msg me on kgs if u are interested
  • My Games :
    1. [ext] may 31 Xrtsys 12k

ivoSF1 aka ivoSF? (7K KGS)

  • i prever to teach without stones or a max of 4 stones prever 11k to 18k.

check the link for i might use both acounts

All7Fever (EGF 6kyu)

  • any 12-30kyu want a Teaching game just ask.I play on KGS daily.
  • May Games:

Pempu (KGS 7k)

  • Will teach anyone 3+ stones weaker than me
  • May Games:
  1. May 9th [ext] bor [10k?]
  2. May 10th [ext] tomicus [20k]
  3. May 10th [ext] Underlord [13k]
  4. May 17th [ext] megatenchi [20k?]
  5. May 18th [ext] archer42 [13k]
  6. May 18th [ext] Dzarg [19k]

SGion (7k)

  • April Games:
  • May Games:

xela (7k)

  • May Games:
  1. May 2nd [ext] iCevigor [29k?]
  2. May 2nd [ext] Herne [15k]
  3. May 6th [ext] Bambino [22k?]
  4. May 18th [ext] virtual1 [15k]

TheRack? (7k)

  • I can teach 10k-30k - don't worry about the "go torture" picture - it's just a joke!
  • May Games:

Drimgere (KGS 8k)

  • 15-30k
  • May Games:

Carey (KGS 8k)

  • I'm online many many hours a day, just PM me if you want a lesson. If you want to schedule a teaching game, you can also email me at gilgamesh at
  • 14-30k
  • May Games:

postgrey? (8k)

  • Teaching 15k-30k
  • I'm usually available on weekends. Just leave me a message if you would like a game. :)

epilogue (9k)

  • I would be happy to provide pointers to newer players. 30-18 kyu is the ideal range. If you are above that, well, prepare to be disappointed. Just message me, if you'd like a game.
  • May Games:

GralAnibal (KGS 9k)

  • for 15-25kyu
  • I can play a Free game (review at the end) or a Teaching (commented) game. I will create a game in the room when I am available to teach.
  • May Games:

khan (9k)

  • May Games:

kristall (KGS 9k)

  • May Games:
  1. 07th may vs TTcool
  2. 09th may vs Riddle12
  3. 09th may vs cryptical
  4. 09th may vs krinid
  5. 09th may vs yithril
  6. 10th may vs ven
  7. 13th may vs LaTomate
  8. 14th may vs Muggu
  9. 16th may vs hollander

Malice (9k)

  • any 20k on down want a teaching game just see me.
  • May Games:

Dakre (9k)

  • just leave me a message if you like a teaching game :) i'd teach anyone above or equal to 14k
  • April Games:
  • May Games:

Wolfy (KGS 10k)

  • I'm best suited to teach 30k to 20k, but I don't mind playing against up to 15k. Handicap or normal.. I usually review at the end, but I don't mind stopping the game for questions.
  • May Games:

Fwiffo (KGS 9k)

  • I give lessons for 18-30k, mostly in the evenings (anywhere from 6pm to 11pm US Eastern time) and in the afternoon on weekends. I'll have an offer up in the KGS teaching ladder or Beginner's room if I'm available.
  • May Games:

Etrynus (KGS 8k)

  • will teach whoever is willing to listen
  • no ~ though :/
  • May Games:
  1. May 10 - [ext] tiuri0 (12k)

Norritt (KGS 3k)

  • I will offer a teaching game when I am available.
  • I prefer teaching 9k-15k, but I dont mind helping 25k players.
  • May Games:
  1. April 17 - [ext] wilkenm 14k
  • May Games:

Xris (KGS 12k)

  • will teach 16k and lower. No handi usually.
  • no ~. Please guys you also learn a lot by teaching so return the favour. This is the essence of the KGS Teaching Ladder.
  • May Games:
  1. May 3rd [ext] Eud 24?k
  2. May 3rd [ext] Aryeh 25k
  3. May 4th Review[ext] H20Dragon 19k
  4. May 4th [ext] Corner Diskussion for Beginners
  5. May 5th [ext] GoMRojas 19k
  6. May 5th [ext] QuanSiMenh 17?k
  7. May 6th [ext] Endgame Calculation Discussion

ahia (KGS 14k)

  • I can teach 30k to 25k but all are welcome ;) Handicap or normal.
  • May Games:

ChadMiller, chadmill ~15k, guessing

I teach 30k---20k.

  • May Games:

Deathwish, around 1k-1d

  • May Games:
  1. May 20th [ext] Zahoki
  2. May 18th [ext] Sukasuka
  3. May 12th [ext] Kencabbit
  4. May 11th [ext] Ema2
  5. May 10th [ext] Ema2
  6. May 9th [ext] Bobkutya [10k]
  7. May 9th [ext] NickHel [11k]
  8. May 9th [ext] Herne [14k]
  9. May 9th [ext] Liuaini [?]
  10. May 9th [ext] Fubuki [14k]
  11. May 8th [ext] Terendul [27k?]
  12. May 7th [ext] Flock [14k]
  13. May 2nd [ext] TheZR [16k]
  14. May 2nd [ext] Macsis [15k]
  15. May 2nd [ext] Statcrodnt [-]
  16. May 2nd [ext] Shaydwyrm [~12k]
  17. May 1st [ext] Uvas [13k]

oplin 14k

willing to teach 30k---25k.

  • May Games:

May 18 [ext] Suu [23k] May 31 [ext] Liberson [20k]

Ghet (KGS 12k)

will teach anyone 20 -> 30k, in english or french.

  • June games:
  1. June 10th [ext] etheriol (20k?)
  2. June 7th [ext] DrizztDo (20k?)
  3. June 3rd [ext] Jaja (17k)
  4. June 1st [ext] MilesTones (19k?)
  • May Games:
  1. May 22th [ext] LaTomate (23k)
  2. May 21th [ext] Gwilstrum (24k?)
  3. May 20th [ext] Bambino (19k)
  4. May 20th [ext] NumberFive (20k?)
  5. May 19th [ext] Stoopid (?)
  6. May 18th [ext] Kaneda (22k)

gaius "18k"

I will teach some beginners (<25k), in English and Dutch. Just ask via chat if I have time

  • May Games:

iLoveSai 16k

June games:

  1. June 3, 2004 review of [ext] allanx98 (21k)
  2. June 3, 2004 [ext] Stripe (20k)
  3. June 3, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (21k)
  4. June 4, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (21k)
  5. June 4, 2004 [ext] maltar (23k)
  6. June 5, 2004 [ext] maltar (23k)
  7. June 5, 2004 [ext] girlranma (23k?)
  8. June 7, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (21k)
  9. June 7, 2004 [ext] TheDrummer (23k?)
  10. June 9, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (20k)
  11. June 13, 2004 [ext] Stripe (21k)
  12. June 15, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (19k)
  13. June 16, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (19k)
  14. June 16, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (19k)
  15. June 17, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (19k)
  16. June 18, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (19k)
  17. June 23, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (19k)
  18. June 24, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (19k)

May games:

  1. May 31, 2004 [ext] allnx98 (22k)
  2. May 29, 2004 [ext] Quattro (20?k)
  3. May 28, 2004 [ext] LUEser (?k)
  4. May 28, 2004 [ext] girlranma (?k)
  5. May 28, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (24k)
  6. May 27, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (24k)
  7. May 26, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (24k)
  8. May 25, 2004 [ext] allanx98 (25k)
  9. May 24, 2004 [ext] allanx98
  10. May 19, 2004 [ext] allanx98
  11. May 17, 2004 [ext] allanx98
  12. May 11, 2004 [ext] allanx98

This teaching offer is only open to people who offer genuine teaching games. It has been noted that some of the games listed were not really teaching games - merely T games by people trying to run up the numbers. This is both unfair to others and bad sportsmanship. Before lessons are offered by Vegetarian he will look at the games of the winner to validate whether they are genuine or not. Anyone found to be abusing the offer will not receive the benefit of it in this or any future month.

There are lots of questions begin asked about this offer. The idea is to promote teaching. The KGS Teaching Ladder is run on an honor system. If you are honorable about your teaching intentions then you deserve recognition for them. If you are teaching someone merely to get a reward then I would question whether your intentions are honorable. All games in which enough teaching is done to justify the claim that it actually is a teaching game should count. Board size is irrelevant, declared game type is irrelevant, everything is irrelevant except your intention and desire to teach someone else. The bottom line, however, is that if Vegetarian is willing to teach then he has to be happy that the person he is teaching is deserving of the effort.


Are reviews /lectures considered teaching?

  • Sure, as long as they are the same lenght as teaching games

Do lessons in other rooms count?

  • There's no way to check where the game was. However this challenge is aiming at teaching in the KGS Teaching Ladder. We trust your honesty.

Reuven - Well I don't know about you, but lately I'm starting to think that too long reviews aren't too helpfull either.. My reviews can take 1min if i'm just saying something after a 9x9 to a couple of hours if teaching/explainning/ studying of ld or soemthing is involved... Hard to say what's the right thing...

  • I don't think any review less than 5 minutes on a 9x9, 10 minutes on a 13x13 or 15 minutes on a 19x19 should be considered for entry into this page. If it is just a review or a lesson without a game first then these times should be doubled. DrStraw

Fwiffo: Should we pick a standard format for how games/teachers should be listed for the sake of clarity and conformity? Looks like everybody's picked something just a bit different.

Drimgere: I dunno, seems pretty simple to understand, for now at least, maybe eventually if people want they can have these games on their own pages and this page will just be to hold the links?

puripuri: Yesterday I poked around for a little discussion in the KGS room... And now I'd like to ask here too. Should the quality requirements for games posted in this game list be set a little higher? Many that I checked, including my own, aren't something I'd really, _really_ want to present in my name... I understand this way of posting, if the point is only to inform how many teaching games person A or B has done in the past, and how many of those qualify for the hunt to the grand prize.

It's exactly because of the grand prize that I started to ponder this over. What if this page would be made to serve the students instead of the teachers? This would include two things... Firstly, to clean the irrelevant chatter that might be amongst the studying, and useless undoed game lines from the SGF. Also the the main variation should be placed on the top (Use the Up/Down buttons in Editing Tools), with the useful and informative variations in their correct places. Secondly, posting exact information about each entry here, like the name of players (nothing new there), time used, rules/handi/etc, result, filesize of the SGF, and any special concepts that got studied in deeper detail during the game.

As it is now, there is no interest in downloading these game recordings, because they are completely unmoderated with for example the chaotic flows of discussion going back and forth through the games. I'm quite sure there would be great interest for well formatted and coherently proceeding teaching game recordings. If the teachers here really want the grand prize, couldn't more be asked from the entries? I leave answering this to DrStraw, since they're his lessons... And as a personal disclaimer: I'm not exactly looking for a change to things, especially to a system this fresh and young. It'll get formed anyways as time passes. For now I'm just interested in what people think about these ideas.

Reuven - Well, I thought you had in mind much longer reviews, Dr ^^* - As for the quality and arrangment... I try my best when I teach and I'm sure that most if not all do the same. However making a review watchable wouldn't be too good, because a review needs to be interactive, anwsering qs and shownig variations..

Drimgere-while I am all for higher teaching standards, I find it a lot to ask to format all the games, I have quite a few up, and they were pretty detailed, going back and formatting them would take me at least an hour....I think formatting would be a good idea for lecture type teaching games such as Xopods'.

puripuri: And I don't find cleaning an SGF to be too great of a problem. In many cases there wouldn't be much to do, which kind of makes the idea useless too. Also the interactivity of the recording doesn't change, since they'd be just recordings in any case. And then, nothing of this all should be locked and carved in stone, or taken as being so, since all of these are just random suggestions so far... There are many possible options that come up in mind, like for example asking the people to reformat only the games they want to enter to the hunt for the grand prize. Or sacking the whole idea.

archer42 Well not sure this belongs here but I will teach 4x4 although everyone who has played it 4 times figures it out I guess there just needs to be someone to teach it. Contact me when I'm on.

  • This sounds like my philosophy about chopsticks -- "learn to use one before you try to use two". Everyone who has tried has figured out that is a useless exercise which help not one wit to master the final objective. - Vegetarian

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