Sort Problems By Rank

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This script is for windows xp users. Maybe it is working under other versions, too.

PURPOSE: Allowing Windows Xp users ( maybe other versions are ok, too) to sort the problems fetched from by ranks mentioned in the DI tag of the sgf-files.

  1. copy the text below into notepad.
  2. save as sort.bat
  3. put sort.bat into the same folder as the goproblems sgf
  4. execute sort.bat by double clicking

AUTHOR : Benjamin Egner
DATE : 2006/12/17
REMARK : Depending on your machine speed this might take a few minutes. Please do not redistribute modified versions of this file.
If this has been useful for you, you can drop a line.

for %%P in (*.sgf) do (
 echo --- processing %%P ---
 for /f "delims=][ tokens=4" %%i in ('findstr "DI" %%P') do (
 if exist %%i (
   copy %%P %%i
 ) else (
   mkdir %%i
   copy %%P %%i

For unix shell users there is a script at DisortSh.

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