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[ext] https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.godiscussions.com/forum/archive*

The Internet Archive provides 920 URLs from GoDiscussions at the above link (specifically those beginning with [ext] http://www.godiscussions.com/forum/archive).

The URLs apparently lead to forum threads.

The links have no title slugs, so it's unclear what content can be found at which one. As such this resource is (at least for now) a do-it-yourself tool for the reader who has a particular interest in GoDiscussions, which was active from 2006 to 2010.

GoDiscussions used the same diagram format as Sensei's, but the images haven't been preserved in the archive: so if you want to view a diagram, throw it into an SL sandbox. SGFs haven't been preserved either, except as text.

See also some GoDiscussions hamete and tsumego.

Some (moderately) interesting threads


[ext] Opening discussion

[ext] Ko and repetitions

[ext] DrStraw on improvement techniques

[ext] On the memorisation of games


[ext] NYGC Fischer and Bronstein timing discussion

[ext] Alex Weldon's position

[ext] kex's DDK tsumego

[ext] mgelo's tsumego

[ext] large knight's enclosure discussion

[ext] Alex's lecture notes

[ext] malweth's tsumego

[ext] Alex's 10-15k tesuji problem

[ext] Alex's "really interesting / completely uninteresting (non)tsumego"

[ext] Rank comparison

[ext] Attacking discussion

[ext] What does it mean to attack?

[ext] Javaness' L&D question

[ext] erislover on avoiding being shut in

[ext] 3-4 joseki and fuseki discussion

[ext] Chinese fuseki discussion

[ext] another mgelo tsumego

[ext] book tsumego

[ext] Sverre's cute tesuji

[ext] winning the won game with Alex

[ext] making cheap DIY boards

[ext] SGF, GIB, and "gibo" files

[ext] Positional judgement with Alex

[ext] mgelo's semeai

[ext] Bill Spight and others discuss the semantics of the "double" or "two step" hane

[ext] Alex's early midgame position

[ext] Korean Problem Academy Level 4 Problem 154

[ext] Opinions on the "use and abuse" of the kosumitsuke (kick)

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