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Alexandre Dinerchtein

Andrew Jackson

4d AGA. He teaches / taught (?) the SDK class at the Seattle Go Center. Inactive as of 2017.

His main series is recordings of his teaching at his class. He regularly appears in Nick Sibicky's videos, and commentates for the AGA and for other events such as the Ke Jie vs AlphaGo match.


Baduk Doctor

Bat's Go Lectures

Ben Mantle (BenKyo)

BIBA Baduk

Catalin Taranu

The daily 123Go series (2009)

[ext] ''Catalin's Go videos'' (channel, 8 videos, 2014)


Countsheep is a strong chinese amateur player and countsheep is his nickname on GoDiscussions.

More about him and his effort at or *[ext] Go Commentary´s Youtube Chanel


Go Game World

Go Pro Yeonwoo

Go Shawk Heron

Go World Channel


5 dan professional.

Some examples:

She has begun a monthly Q&A series with the Open Study Room on their Youtube channel . With a (free) OSR account, you can ask questions on their site at [ext] .

OSR Youtube Channel: [ext]

In Sente's Go Lessons

Jianqiu Chen

Joshua Lee's Go Lectures


Michael Redmond

Active 9 dan professional. He reviews games for the AGA (on their Youtube channel) alongside co-commentator Chris Garlock. His series are:

He is set to begin another series, reviewing the games of AlphaGo Zero?.

New York Institute of Go

Nick Sibicky's Go Lectures

Open Study Room


They record lectures made on KGS and OGS by a variety of dan amateurs on a mixture of topics. They also host Guo Juan's Q&A series (see the Guo Juan entry for more info).

RJM (KGS user) reviews all games from Shusaku Invincible Book

Sunday Go Lessons

Uberdude (Andrew Simons)

4d EGF, former British Champion.

Wang Yuan


Yoon`s Baduk Cafe

Yoonyoung Kim

Yunguseng Dojang


Zhang Yuanbo 4D a.k.a LittleLamb? plays and comments on his Tygem games

Dahorse (aka Zebin Du) joins LittleLamb? on his channel!

Listed by Level

Beginners (beginner-15k)

Intermediate (15k-2d)

Advanced (1d-)

Listed by Subject






Trick Moves

Game Commentaries

Non-English lectures


  • [ext] Babibo's channel Commented games and short thematic lectures by a French EGF 1d
  • [ext] Fulgurogo Lots of high quality content by a Belgian EGF 3d


See also

List of Youtube channels Pro Game Reviews On Youtube


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