ChessWhiz Against lavalyn

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Game started on August 13, 2002, with a 3-stone handicap.

Game is finished. White resigns  

Moves :

[Moves 1-10|1]

Moves 1-10  

ChessWhiz: W1 - Good luck!

lavalyn: B2 - Enjoy the game, and good luck!

W3 - Hope this turns out to be a better game than Choice Go Game1.

B4 - It was going well, sort of. It takes a lot of adjustment. Ah well, you'll find this game less jarring to your tactical senses.

W5 - We will see.

B6 - Very soon, I gather, too.

W7 - Making a base, while reducing yours.

B8 - Also making a base, but slightly smaller. Now you don't have as much of a base for W1 and W3.

W9 - Sliding into the corner.

B10 - Right.

[Moves 11-20|2]

Moves 11-20  

[Moves 21-30|3]

Moves 21-30  

ChessWhiz: W21 - Hopefully this is sente.

lavalyn: B22 - It is. But the response is probably not what you expected.

ChessWhiz: W23 - Nope. Didn't expect that! I'll strengthen my two squared, baseless stones.

lavalyn: B24 - Naturally not letting you get too cozy there while ensuring eyespace for myself.

ChessWhiz: W25 - Do Not Enter. :-)

lavalyn: B26 - Enter.

ChessWhiz: W27 - Oh, yeah? I'll show you enter!

lavalyn: B28 - You get away with it this time. Once. Not twice.

ChessWhiz: W29 - Yes, sir!

[Moves 31-40|4]

Moves 31-40  

ChessWhiz: W31 - Expanding the corner.

lavalyn: B32 - a little small against the corner, but keeps the two white groups apart. Watch those two Black stones become outrageously heavy ....

ChessWhiz: W33 - Always respond to a kosumi-tsuke. Or not.

lavalyn: B34

ChessWhiz: W35 - My squared stones were starting to look a little thin.

lavalyn: B36 - Advance no further! (Unless you happen to like crawling on the second line.)

ChessWhiz: W37 - I don't think you can kill the corner, so this should be bigger than responding there.

lavalyn: B38 - Now seems like a good time to play some kikashi in the area.

ChessWhiz: W39 - Oh, yeah? Doesn't look like kikashi to me. :-)

lavalyn: B40 - Now we find out how sente the kikashi is!

[Moves 41-50|5]

Moves 41-50  

ChessWhiz: W41 - We will see...

lavalyn: B42 - Exchanging the corner for the side group... interesting. But that Black stone can still be an annoyance!

ChessWhiz: W43 - The obvious move.

lavalyn: B44 - Ajikeshi or sabaki? I don't know but this looks like a decent move before securing my corner.

ChessWhiz: W45 - Another obvious one. (Your last move looked like a great one to me.)

lavalyn: B46 - now we tear the two White groups apart!

ChessWhiz: W47 - I'd better run while I still can.

lavalyn: B48 - not so fast! cut cut cut

ChessWhiz: W49 - Looks like escaping might be difficult. Catch me if you can!

lavalyn: B50 - Keeping up the chase!

[Moves 51-60|6]

Moves 51-60  

ChessWhiz: W51 - Run, group, run!

lavalyn: B52 - Sacrifice 3 stones, build moyo, start putting pressure on the next White group.

ChessWhiz: W53 - This ought to contain those 3 sneaky stones.

lavalyn: B54 - Striking straight at the group's weak point. "Once a stone has served its purpose, don't hesitate to sacrifice it if it becomes a burden."

ChessWhiz: W55 - "If a stone is in danger, add a second stone and sacrifice both." (like I'm going to give these up...)

HolIgor: Actually this proverb applies to different situations. The purpose of adding another stone usually is to make the opponent to spend more moves to capture. White 55 is good for a different reason. (ChessWhiz: Very true.)

lavalyn: B56 - "Ikken Tobi is never wrong"

ChessWhiz: W57 - "Ikken Tobi is sometimes right"

lavalyn: B58 - Engulfing your two stones - since I'm connected out one way or another.

ChessWhiz: W59 - Expanding my moyo.

lavalyn: B60 - Increasing my influence while limiting yours.

[Moves 61-70|7]

Moves 61-70  

ChessWhiz: W61 - My first reaction.

lavalyn: B62 - This had better be sente!!!

ChessWhiz: W63 - Hm. Hmm... yeah, it is.

lavalyn: B64 - Limits your moyo, attacks the three squared White stones, improves my moyo, helps my upper right.

ChessWhiz: W65 - Jumping out into the center, and hopefully rescuing my three squared stones.

lavalyn: B66 - Moving in and preparing to cut.

ChessWhiz: W67 - Slow but solid.

lavalyn: B68 - Trying to keep that cut safe for me.

ChessWhiz: W69 - Solidly extracting my squared stones. Other than that, this is a small move.

lavalyn: B70 - Jumping out and ready to pilfer one stone in warikomi connection.

[Moves 71-80|8]

Moves 71-80  

ChessWhiz: W71 - Boo! Did I scare you?

lavalyn: B72 - No. I wanted something like this to happen...

ChessWhiz: W73 - Monkey jump!

lavalyn: B74 - The Obvious Response (tm)

ChessWhiz: W75 - The Obvious Response to the Obvious Response (tm)

lavalyn: B76 - Thanks! You made my game much easier...

ChessWhiz: W77 - Hmmm... did you see a better move for me? If so, where?

lavalyn: B78 - Well no, but I liked that move anyway. Building eyes in sente is always good.

ChessWhiz: W79 - That doesn't look like sente to me. :-)

lavalyn: B80 - Remember to ensure your stones are alive before you start attacking.

[Moves 81-90|9]

Moves 81-90  

ChessWhiz: W81 - Whoops, yeah, I'd better stay alive.

lavalyn: B82 - As punishment, free thickness for me.

ChessWhiz: W83 - Looks like I need to stir up some trouble fast if I want to avoid losing by a gazillion.

lavalyn: B84 - Do as you will. I'll take my profit where I can.

ChessWhiz: W85 - Do as you will. I'll take your profit where I can.

lavalyn: B86 - No surprise.

ChessWhiz: W87 - Here's some low-cost fun.

lavalyn: B88 - That's rather sente in your position.

ChessWhiz: W89 - Aah, I escaped!

lavalyn: B90 - My turn to do some capping.

ChessWhiz: I just had 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted, and am still recovering from the intense pain... so that's my excuse for taking a little break from SL. After taking a fresh view of the position, I believe I'm down by about 60 points. Considering we're in the late chuban stages of the game, and there is very little chance of making a comeback of that magnitude, I courteously resign. Thank you very much for the game!

lavalyn: Arigato gozaimozushita! (ChessWhiz: Nani??)

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