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All About Joseki
By: Mingjiu Jiang, Guo Juan
Publisher: Slate and Shell, 2004
ISBN10 1-932001-22-0
114 pp.

All About Joseki, written by Jiang MingJiu and Guo Juan, published in 2004 by Slate and Shell, explores situations that arose in 30 amateur dan level games. The explorations focus on the choice of joseki in light of the whole board and the order of moves in a given joseki. This book can be considered a continuation of Punishing and Correcting Joseki Mistakes.

A close reading of this book should contribute significantly to the students choice of appropriate joseki during the course of play.


Table of Contents

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Sample Material

Example from Game 5: Correcting Joseki Mistakes

Inappropriate Joseki Choice  

In this game between two 4 dans, the joseki in the upper right is played correctly. However, W4 in the lower right is an overplay that Black has failed to punish. Similarly W8, followed by Black b is required prior to W6. Again Black fails to punish White in the game. Variation diagrams are shown that demostrate how Black should punish White for each of these overplays.

Punishing White 4  

This B1 instead of a is the most severe move to punish White. After B3, White is in big trouble. An interesting example of an empty triangle, considered among the worst shapes, that is in fact a good move in the particular situation.

Game Continued  

In the continuation of game, a simple way to play would be for W2 to be at a. It could also be at b; see Variation 4. The book spends four diagrams discussing W2, B3 and W4, all of which are ill-advised, if not wrong.

Variation 4  

Variation 4 begins with W1, the correct move in this situation, whereas in the diagram Inappropriate Joseki Choice W1 was an overplay. It is expected that the student will examine these two situations and determine for himself why the joseki is not appropriate in first instance and is appropriate in the second.

See Also: BQM 328

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