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HermanHiddema: Ideas (2009-01-05 13:38) [#5526]

There is a lot of discussion going on currently on how to attract contributions to SL etc.

One thought that comes to mind is that although SL is not WikiPedia, that doesn't mean we can't learn from WikiPedia.

I'm going to throw out some ideas here, some of which used at WP, that I think might be worth considering for SL:

  • Weekly Featured Article on the front page
  • Weekly Featured Joseki
  • Weekly Featured Game
  • Go News on the front page
  • Page rating (Best of SL, Good Article)
  • Namespaces (User:HermanHiddema, Template:Language, Forum:QuickQuestions, Talk:OngoingGame5)
  • Categories (aka keyword template, but as a special template with automated indexing pages, etc)
  • Awards (aka WP barnstars. By editors, for editors. a simple "recognition of a job well done")

I think that one or more Weekly Featured articles on the front page would be an especially good idea. Preferably, the next two or three upcoming featured articles should be known. This will give editors an incentive to improve those article, because they are sure their work will get noticed.

I think we don't use the front page enough. It is basically where everyone comes in, so if it changes regularly it will keep people coming back, and it will also give newcomers the feeling that SL is an active vibrant site.

X Re: Ideas (2009-01-05 14:31) [#5528]

Bob McGuigan: Good ideas, Herman! One problem I foresee is that of who will decide on the weekly features and maintain the front page. I have noticed that regular contributors to SL sometimes burn out and disappear for a time. This might add significantly to the workload of the frequent or "high level" contributors.

Here is a thought on how the weekly features could be selected. Have a suggestion box type of page where readers could post requests for topics of featured articles. If a particular topic looks good then whoever is selecting the features could find a good article on it. People familiar with the contents of SL could suggest particular articles for feature status. Of course both these approaches require a lot of work from the selection committee, if it is a committee. And it would be good to keep a "best of SL" list of featured articles so people could look at what has been featured in the past.

Anyhow, the idea of weekly featured pages is a good one IMO. Re: Ideas (2009-01-05 14:48) [#5529]

Won't this just lead to arguing over what should have featured article status? :) In theory something along these lines should be a good idea.

HermanHiddema: Re: Ideas (2009-01-05 15:08) [#5530]

We could let people vote on it, or have a committee or working group decide. I'm sure we can work something out.

willemien: Re: Ideas (2009-01-05 15:39) [#5531]


Hi HermanHiddema thanks for your suggestions.

Was a bit thinking of your ideas

First of all I do use wikipedia a lot but never go to the front page. and i am wondering if it is very different for readers from sensei's library

Also i think it is better to also have featured pages by difficulty level. (For beginners, advanced ed) and by keyword (think we need more of them)

Then the front page can be a table (we now have tables) and say 20 thirthy picks of the week on it.

Maybe we can do this semi automaticly.

Readers can nominate pages by posting links to them on a "featured pages for beginners/software/people/ect" page and the system picks one of them random for display on the front page, maybe it can be done fully automatic, that it changes every time somebody visits the frontpage. Nominating via quality page rating (Best of SL, Good Article, In development, discussionpage, needs wme, stub) is also good. And can guide editors to pages that needs something added

Only one featured article is a bit difficult i think most articles are only good for some people. (you really think a 9 dan is interested in an article on Atarigo for himself)

More and automaticly made indexes are very welcome. (although find keywords not specific enough for it) (or we need much more of them)

Was also thinking the discussion pages are a bit chaoticly organised. Sometimes it is a main page. sometimes a subpage (but no talk page) sometimes a talk page Think we need some guiding in this and a central point to get to them. (Maybe with a tree structure of itself)

tapir: as frontpage is most popular (2009-01-05 18:15) [#5539]

It is, see most popular. Some years ago the most popular page was recent changes, but the frontpage is miles ahead now.

tapir: Re: Ideas (2009-01-05 18:14) [#5537]

We have the Page of the month page, which isn't maintained. Since the frontpage is much more interesting it may work. But maybe monthly is better for starters. (I've seen weekly pictures pages etc. starving on WP portals.) While I like such a monthly/weekly feature on the frontpage, I somehow don't like a permanent "featured/excellent" status.

I've some reserves regarding the Go news. I don't see how we are able to do this yet. But as we are brainstorming: What about featuring a blog entry monthly or weekly?

add: Regarding name spaces and categories, I believe that page type and keywords are fulfilling more or less the same functions already. And you already can search only in specified page types etc. (though not on the frontpage/topline)

PeterHB: Re: Ideas (2009-01-05 18:15) [#5538]

I agree that monthly is a better idea. Weekly is just setting ourselves up to fail.

HermanHiddema: Re: Ideas (2009-01-06 14:01) [#5561]

I think weekly can work, and would be better. With weekly, you can get an effect where people will come to SL on monday morning to see this week's article.

For weekly to work, however, we would need the following:

  • A queue of at least 4 articles that are going to be posted in the coming weeks and are up to scratch (do not need major editing)
  • A further queue of at least 10 article that are being considered, but need work.
  • A page where people can leave suggestions for items to go into the queue. Where suggestions can take two forms:
    • An existing page that people think is interesting and deserves a go on the front page
    • A topic that people would like an article on, which would need to be written from scratch.

I think that with a bit of work, we can easily find 8 articles on sensei's that are up to scratch for this, as well as a further 10 that can use some improvement.

With a queue like this, it is not a problem if some editors take a break for a few weeks, as you can always survive for about a month with very little work going on. That way, you smooth out the "ups and downs" of editing activity.

I'm going to give this a go by suggesting a list of about 10-20 articles :-)

axd: Re: Ideas: SVN (2009-01-10 14:54) [#5624]

Here's a difficult one: consider using a repository such as Subversion to store pages? The idea is that one can go back in time for any page, but from there on, there is no more consistency with the (then) linked pages.

With a version controlled repository, it is possible to travel back in time and admire the complete state of the wiki at any point in time. This seems to me a bonus: it is easier to retrace discussions because they will be linked to the versions of the pages that were applicable then.

I think this is the kind of technological advances that keeps a site interesting and will attract new editors.

I wrote "difficult" because I assume that SL cannot just change its architecture. But I think this is another requirement to keep afloat: to ensure that SL is not sidestepped because outdated. So timely changeovers (which require major updates) are needed before it becomes too hard to change anything any more and the whole site sinks for good.

See also [ext]

Unkx80: New articles? (2009-01-07 09:57) [#5585]

Herman, your ideas sounds good. I am wondering whether the article of the week/month can sometimes include new articles that are not fully developed but not entirely a stub either. Perhaps it might encourage editors to improve those new articles.

HermanHiddema: Re: New articles? (2009-01-07 10:14) [#5587]

Yes, that is a possibility. A further part of the "article of the week/month" idea is to also have a list of upcoming articles. That way, editors can focus their efforts on those articles and be sure to get their work noticed.

Bill: ((no subject)) (2009-01-07 20:53) [#5602]

Since we are featuring the Front Page now, -- an excellent idea! :) -- shouldn't it appear in the navigation box in the left margin? :)

fractic: Re: ((no subject)) (2009-01-07 20:55) [#5603]

You can allready customize it in your preferences but making it a default setting would help new and unregistered people.

HermanHiddema: Re: ((no subject)) (2009-01-07 21:03) [#5604]

Actually, it is, if you click the stone image in the top left, you get to the front page ;)

fractic: Re: ((no subject)) (2009-01-07 21:07) [#5605]

I know, but it's not really obvious.

tapir: people will come to SL on monday morning (2009-06-08 11:13) [#6125]

Herman said: "I think weekly can work, and would be better. With weekly, you can get an effect where people will come to SL on monday morning to see this week's article."

It works, but what about the second sentence. Is this happening? Arno? Morten?

Cheers Tapir

HermanHiddema: Re: people will come to SL on monday morning (2009-06-10 15:49) [#6127]

Yes, I would be interested in this too. It is hard to gauge the effect without proper statistics, but from Most Popular, we can see that Article of the Week related pages are popular (Archive, Upcoming, Nominations). As are recently created articles that have been featured.

The current top list for articles created in the last 6 months:

Pos. Visits Page Related to AotW?
1. 4284 Ongoing Game 6 No
2. 2534 Corner shapes Yes, featured in January
3. 1748 Ongoing Game 6 / Discussion No
4. 1404 Article of the Week/Nominations Yes
5. 1373 / 2008 December 27 Hacking Incident No
6. 1342 Article Of the Week/Upcoming Yes
7. 1202 Article of the Week/Archive Yes
8. 1164 Rank Worldwide Comparison / Data Collection Yes, featured in May
9. 1015 Article Of The Week Yes
10. 983 GoDiscussionsCom / Ladder No
11. 975 Oh Chi Min No
12. 900 DragonTourney2009 No
13. 883 Basilisk Go Server No
14. 693 Ladder problem Yes, linked in the feature summary for Ladder in January
15. 645 Article of the Week Template Yes
16. 622 The Go Companion No
17. 612 Unremovable Ko No
18. 601 Zen No
19. 591 DragonTourney2009/Pools No
20. 582 Special Templates / Table No
21. 581 European Go Database / Wishlist No
22. 576 Creative Commons Licenses No
23. 549 Xian Ji Wu Ku Problems No
24. 544 No
25. 527 Only enclosed groups can be killed No
26. 513 GoSensations.Com No
27. 493 AppLocale No
28. 493 Tony Goddard No
29. 492 Okura Kishichiro No
30. 486 BCcard Cup World Baduk Championship No
31. 476 Hayashi Gembi's Loose Ladder Yes, via Ladder Problem
32. 476 Long cycle rule No
33. 466 Birthday Komi No
34. 466 Natural Situational Superko Rule No
35. 465 Go software for the future No
36. 438 Cave Problem/Solution No
37. 434 Doping in Go No
38. 428 Gokyo Seimyo Tsumego Series No
39. 428 The Netherlands No
40. 427 Nakayama Ladder Problem Yes, via Ladder Problem
41. 413 Legend Go Server No
42. 411 Being Obsessed With Punishing No
43. 410 Cave Problem No
44. 396 Baduk and the current Economic Crisis No
45. 396 Interesting and Uninteresting No
46. 396 Ko Threat Evaluation No
47. 395 PlatinumDragon No
48. 391 Improve Fast at Go No
49. 384 Go Game Assistant No
50. 384 Influenza Fuseki No
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