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viciousman: I've started replacing wapuro stuff with Revised Hepburn, since Sensei's Library now supports unicode. ?(However links cannot be typed with macrons).

I use character map to get the macronned o's and u's. Is it okay if this switch happens?

unkx80: Please stop doing this. Look at the messages accumulated at your homepage.

If you continue to do this, you may be blocked from SL instead.

viciousman: I didn't see any of those messages as I'm used to Wikipedia's notification system for new messages on a talk page. Perhaps what can be done is that the general reference could be like Revised Hepburn except without diacritical marks (macrons or apostrophes), but usage in standard Hepburn is in parenthenses. That way people still find what they search for, and the standard Hepburn is represented. Also, more and more people are getting unicode-compatible browsers and many limitations are becoming a mark of obsolete computers and/or software. EDIT: I just added no-macron versions of some terms on the Japanese terms page to make it easier to search things, and I reversed the instances of the Hon'inbos I placed.

Japanese Go Pronunciations / Discussion last edited by ViciousMan on October 4, 2005 - 05:50
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