Too close

  Difficulty: Introductory   Keywords: Tactics
Too close  

These are examples of White playing too close to strong black formations. No good will come of this: White will be short of liberties quickly, while having zero effect on Black.

There are more appropriate ways to help out or use the white+circle stones.

Somewhat better  

These plays by White are lighter and rather better: in the case of white+square White takes a relaxed view of Black a, being prepared to sacrifice the initial stone.

tderz: All these positions will differ more in their purpose than in their lightness. The lower examples are significantly different from above a and not necessarily better. It depends on the surroundings in the game position whether these moves make sense.
(E.g. threaten to attack and/or closing off a moyo, combining these effects)
Position b is vulnerable by black b, the kosumi being a connection, makes it difficult for White to sacrifice with advantage.
Position c has the cut at c.

A basic guideline is only to play for some definite effect. It isn't necessarily being particularly aggressive to fill in liberties on a group of the opponent's. That is one motivation for playing close, but it is mostly unskilful and leads to cutting points and shortage of liberties.

Charles Matthews

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