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"Baduk with weak reading is like building a house on sand." -Lee Changho

Reading is the mental process of analysing lines of play (also known as variations or branches). This process requires backtracking to try all necessary possibilities. Normally one reads to see if one can achieve a particular objective such as a capture. Some people experience difficulty reading, but it is a necessary skill to develop in order to improve.

After reading the same move many times, it becomes instinctual. We simply see the move, and our appreciation of the game grows.

One way to develop reading skills is to set up a situation on a goban or one of the Go Editing Programs that supports variations. Work out as many variations as you like. Restore the situation and then read out the variations in your mind. This is a good way to teach yourself go.

Reading is also a city in the UK which has a [ext] Go Club. The pronunciation is different, though ("Redding" in the case of the city).

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