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Started as a clueless stone-feeder in online Go back in June of 2005 (currently ranked as a still-clueless [ext] 8k on KGS) and Go blogger. You can find me under this login name on almost any major Go server that has an English interface. I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.


[ext] ChiyoDad Learns Go

This blog tracks my efforts and misadventures in the learning process. It's also meant to be a learner's resource so I've provided links to those sites that I have found useful as well as commentaries and suggestions on whatever learning materials I get my hands on. I hope you find it useful (and maybe a little entertaining).

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Tamsin: Hi ChiyoDad, and welcome to the world of go. I've just been reading your journal and I really like it. It's got interesting pics and useful links. Please continue taking a lot of fun and satisfaction from the game!

ChiyoDad: Many thanks for the kind compliments and warm welcome Tamsin!

Velobici: Looking at the list of books you are considering, Graded Go Problems for Beginners is a wonderful set of four books. They start very easy and progress nicely. You can expect a lot of growth in your reading from solving the problems in these books. Reading is critical. The best strategic moves can be rendered worthless, if they are not backed up by reading that allows you to punish unreasonable responses. It is worthwhile to do the books several times over.

ChiyoDad: That's a very helpful page that you have. Thanks for posting your recommendation and introducing me to your resources in the process. I've acquired the first volume of Graded Go Problems for Beginners and will be using it in my training regimen. Any suggestions on how best to use the book? Perhaps 3-5 pages a day or some disciplined approach like that?

Velobici: Well, the most important thing is to enjoy the problems. Enjoy as in feel good about doing them and feel that you are learning over time. You could do a certain number of problems a day or spend a certain about of time each day doing problems.
You should supplement problem solving with reading some books that will give you strategic view of the board. In the Beginning or Opening Theory Made Easy are two books that are both approachable and deep. You will benefit from reading either one and will benefit from re-reading when you are stronger.

ChiyoDad: Thanks! I've put in an order for In the Beginning and will probably add Opening Theory Made Easy to my library in the future.

Woodard: Hi Chiyodad, If you don't mind the price tag, Many Faces of Go has the 4 volumes of "Graded Go Problems for Beginners" included as problem sets in the software. It serves them up randomly (along with a LOT of others) and scores you based on your answers. Difficulty levels adjust according to your performance. The author posts regular updates that are easily downloaded with a single mouse click. When you figure the cost of the books, It makes the software look that much more reasonable. The fuseki library, joseki library and commented games help, too. And the AI's pretty tough.

ChiyoDad: Thanks Woodard! I didn't know about that. It is a tad pricey (for me at this time) but I have heard good things about this Go engine. I'll need to have a careful look at [ext] David Fotland's website.

Woodard: By the way, have you got a copy of Kogo's Joseki Dictionary? It's at [ext] .

anonymous: If you're interested in checking out the engine, igowin is a free 9x9 game based on the Many Faces of Go engine.

@ general// This page is very outdated


What's with the Go blog? No posts or anything of the sort since 2008?!? Has ye quit Go? This page is outdated, too, but I see you still occasionally post on Go Discussions website. With the blog as active on your signature. :-P

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