Funny Quotes From Go Servers

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Funny quotes from Go Servers

  • A friend to me -"Your moves resemble me of a butterfly... beautiful, yet worthless" Me to my friend: -"Yeah, well, some day they'll be like big sneezes... you know they're coming but there's nothing you can do to stop them"
  • Funicular 12k on KGS: All my corner groups are always potentially dead and alive. I guess you could say my style of play in sente is Schrödinger's Joseki.
  • DGS: "m5's aji is very small. It is a shadow of a glimmer of a distant dream in another world. Though it exists, we can hardly comprehind how something so small can still be and not get blown away by the greater forces that swirl around it."
  • Follow quote from KGS:
  softattack: virtually every single game is unfinished
  softattack: there's more cursive in your gamelist than in the constitution
  • telephone: i thought my entire life japanese talk in squares
  • Rauli: 6k reading: black, white, black, atari, no need to read further ? :-)
  • Zwarn: how to kill conversation in sente -_-
  • IaGo: If you try hard enough to kill a group you will allways succeed... most of the time one of yours.
  • keith: Yoda says, "Do....or do not do. There is no undo."
  • (After someone in the english room said that they are growing bored of go)

amc: do what married couples do. fool around with chess for a few years and then come back to go and tell it you love only it%%% guest: fool around with chess? but i'm straight!

  • Heard in a kyu level game review: " the dead group in the corner is so heavy I have to try to save it" (observed by Steve Fawthrop)
  • emk: he doesn't like eyeshape because he switched from tetris =)
  • Mirulent: Time: The pro's final tesuji
  • Javaness: isn't making life in sente rude?
  • (In a game of tartrate) sageohissy [?]: god, my screen said "0" i almost died
  • sageohissy: if jesus played go his name would be tartrate
  • taiji: Give a man a chat server, and he chats for a day. Teach a man to play go on KGS and he chats for a lifetime.

From KGS in a high handicap game:
observer A: I wonder what they're thinking?
taiji: White: kill stuff, black: omgomgomg

From KGS:
karadagian: ..
Dabla: ....
RBerenguel: ._..._
karadagian: .. - ... ?
RBerenguel: ..__::-¿
Dabla: :-:
karadagian: (_;_)
RBerenguel: (_O_)
Dabla: ||||||=||||||

  • Game offer on KGS: R sente5 7k 10p +, no[~][?][-][#?][♦][♣][♠][♥][#],kyu,dan,guest,bot,escaper,sandbagger,admin
  • Drimgere: well Hu, think of the the English room like a mcdonalds hamburger, advertised as 100% beef, but in reality more like 20% beef and 80% by products
  • shisun: hmmm, somebody just called me a bitch and then left our game
    • perth: perhaps he meant he had to go walk the dog?
  • From the english game room on KGS:
     BigDoug: Megaman, what type of computer do you have?  a PC?  an apple?  Linux?
     megaman: dell
     BigDoug: ok, excellent
     megaman: Your a jerk...
     BigDoug; Your booted out of here! LMAO

from KGS:

daylight17: YaY! My resume list finally got down to 2! Bad News: Someone just made it 3 :)
daylight17: Q: How big our average resume lists?
evilpixie: you applying for jobs or what ?
daylight17: what?
daylight17: jobs=for adults
evilpixie: what else u use a reumse for ?
daylight17: to finish the game?
evilpixie: what ? you bore someone with your resume
daylight17: how?
evilpixie: to make them mak mistakes
daylight17: nevermind
evilpixie: are adults supposed to have jobs ?
sente5: sadly yes
evilpixie: when do you become an adult
sente5: 21
daylight17: I'm 10
Vivi: when you worry about jobs
sente5: youre ten and you have a resume?
evilpixie: it might be a small resume
daylight17: Resume games!!!
evilpixie: games with your resume
evilpixie: sounds like fun, not
sente5: that is very different
daylight17: What's a resume?

From KGS:

sente5: Anyway for those of you who haven't seen The Great Escape, the americans in the prison camp celebrate the fourth of july by brewing potato liquor

bochip: that's how i celebrate wednesdays

From KGS:

ZeroKun: wooly is high on life :)

sente5: wow I never new that cereal was a narcotic

From KGS:
Yaroslavna: Hmm, and I would love some nice 3D effects to make the KGS Rank Graph look even flashier
Yaroslavna: and some great wallpaper
lament: with girls on it? :)
Yaroslavna: yep
Yaroslavna: of course
Yaroslavna: and the higher the rating the more you see, haha, that will encourage them

Quicksilvre: You crushed me...
(opponent): Yes slightly...:)

From KGS:

From KGS (while doing go problems):

Flameblade: Imagine the two problems are on different goban.

jwaytogo: my imagination is not as powerful as that, maybe I will just imagine they are on the same goban, in which there is a transdimensional rift running down the center, such that the influence of stones on one side have no effect on the other, although occasionally a right side stone may have a sudden revelation about what life is like on the other side, but after pondering this problem for a byoyomi, will eventually go back to its mundane existence of sitting on an intersection.

Tournament Quotes

  • I'm being savaged by a dead sheep
    - From UK, MSO Lightning 2004

Victory Quotes:

  • "What did you come here to prove, besides my superiority?"
  • "Fortune has favored me this time... How unfortunate for you"
  • "I love when the plans comes together"
  • "Maybe you should put more coins in this game"
  • "I should not have overestimate you"
  • "I played badly, you played worse."

Loss Quotes:

  • "I'll make you regret this!!"
  • "You'll be sorry that you crossed my path!"
  • "This does not bode well"
  • "I should not have underestimate you"


When observing free pro lecture on KGS:

banshee 18k: may i ask, is all these terms and stuff really that important to know. If so i'm begining to be worried. Cuz i dont know a thing about that. And how do u learn them?


(During Minue622 vs. StefanK in KGS, around move 85)

bucko [17k]: The top left corner looks neglected.

Skadi [6k?]: d16 said he wants to be alone


Well, I guess the above one was a bit of a had-to-be-there thing. .. but here's a recent KGS private chat:

a: game?
b: no thanks, going to sleep soon
a: how do u do that
b: well, i go lie on the bed and close my eyes...
a: no how do u do it on the computer like it says (sleeping) when someone looks for your user lookup

---Gresil again

vlad [16k]: it's a little known fact that kibitz is actually german for "start a flame war and tick everyone off"

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