Random Page Junkie

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A person who has so much time and/or is so addicted that reading Recent Changes is not enough[1] but needs to surf through Senseis by clicking on Random Page all the time.

Known Members:

  1. Dieter
  2. RP :--)
  3. Michael Lesniak
  4. Hikaru79
  5. Simen
  6. Quicksilvre
  7. Chris Dams
  8. PMurphy
  9. Tas
  10. tapir (Admitted. I have also a Random Tsumego link in my bookmarks.)
  11. Bootmii

See also: Recent Changes Junkies

Tips and tricks

The random page function can be customized to some extent. Instead of using an URL of random=1 you can use phpwiki:?random=key&term=value where

key is one of 'pagetype', 'difficulty', or 'keyword'
value is a matching term, such as 'Homepage' (pagetype,) 'Beginner' (difficulty,) or 'proverb' (keyword.)
You can prepend the term with a dash '-' for a random page for everything but that term.
Value can have more than one term: separate the terms with space (note: spaces in URLs are written as '+').


See also: SL tips and tricks


Robert Pauli: This would imply that each Random Page Junkie has to be a Recent Change Junkie: not true.

unkx80: Mathematically this is not true, but I suppose this is a reasonable assumption? It is hard to imagine one clicking through random pages all the time before reading the recent changes, no?

Robert Pauli: Why not stay off the main stream for a while ? And, is just looking over RC already being an RC Junkie ? Isn't it rather clicking on each diff there :-)

unkx80: Okay, if you insist. =)

Hikaru79: And here I thought I was the only one :D I love the random page feature so much that it's been added to my SL User Sidebar as well as my toolbar bookmarks on my Firefox browser so whenever I have a free moment, I call up a random page and read :) SL sure is big... it's very rare still to get a page I've thoroughly examined already before ^ ^

Simen: I agree with Robert. Personally, I am a dedicated RP junkie, but not so much a RC junkie. As Hikaru79 points out, SL is big enough to support heavy abuse of the RP feature, and I like the suspense of never knowing what will come next. When the day comes that I seldomly get a new fix from RP surfing, I will have to give in and become a real RC junkie...

Chris Dams: It has been a time since I was on SL for the last time, so maybe I am not so much of a junkie. On the other hand when I am here, I mostly surf through pages using the "Random Page" link. Of course, I ended up here via the RP-link. Actually I think that random pages are more interesting than recently changed pages. Does this make sense?

Fwiffo: Is there any way to exclude problem solutions and attempts from Random Page? They're subpages, so they don't have keywords or page types, and I don't want to just exclude all subpages... I don't like getting spoilers while browsing randomly.

DrStraw: Is it possible to change the Random Page so that it does not offer up solution pages or attempt pages? It is kind of annoying to select a random page and get the answer before the question.

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