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Upper right yose. Starting position.  

This position seems to be a kingdom of gote. The only interesting point about it is a possibility of seki. What is the best sequence? Should White choose a over b?


This is a 1 1/3 point gote play (MiaiCounting).

White plays first.  

Now Black has a one-point sente play.

Black's sente follow-up.  

Let's count this as -5 (five points for White in the corner).

Black plays first.  

Here Black also has a one-point sente.

Black's sente follow-up (2).  

(Black 9 - White 10 exchange made for clarity.)

White has the same five points in the corner, but Black has two more points (marked) on the side plus one captured white stone (marked). White can count 1/3 of Black's stone in ko (Black 9). So the count is -2 1/3.

The sente plays do not change the count, so Black plays to a position worth -2 1/3 with gote while White plays to a position worth -5 with gote. The original position has a count of -3 2/3, and the miai value of a play is 1 1/3.

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