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Bonjour !

I am a new French Go player as I started to learn the rules in late December 2002. But I quickly became addicted, so expect huge improvements whithin a short time ;)

I played GnuGo a lot during the first months to learn the basis. I also did my first steps on KGS, but did not have time to play much, so I don't have any reliable rank information. I don't really mind it, but will have a go at it, to be able to play more interesting games with equally (un)skilled people. My rank has now drifted a lot.

I am usually willing to play with a relaxed and zen mind. Are rated games too serious? I also like to teach newbies the basis at high handicap. I spent much time watching dan level players. It is a very good way to learn proper moves and shapes, however, this cannot teach how to profit from the far-from-optimal moves I meet on my own games.

I finally ordered a real goban, which is more pleasant to play, but takes longer to count ;)

Long time interested in computer Open Source philosophy, I definitely felt in love with the Wiki Editing concept and I try to contribute as often as I can. I spend most of my time wandering through SL minorediting all around!!!

I am now particularly interested in SLoT, and trying to improve SL with regards to handheld computers.


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