Get Strong At Resigning

    Keywords: Humour

Get Strong At Resigning is the newest addition to the Get Strong series. Written by Tim Brent,KGS15K, the book teaches you how to:

  • Miscalculate the result, and resign a game you're leading by 10 or more points;
  • Quit in disgust after losing a small group;
  • Proper phrases for resignation, including the Hikaru no Go scanlation favourite, "I have nothing" (in the official English editions Akira Toya says "..... I resign...");
  • How to make the right move to cause your resignation;
  • Using resignation as a powerful communication tool
    • When the opponent starts in a wrong corner
    • Resigning first when you think the opponent should have resigned a long time ago
  • Resignation etiquette, including how to time the resignation;
  • Resignation technique, including
    • resigning after a pass
    • not making moves and have the clock resign for you
    • subtle resignation by filling out your own eyes
    • escaping;
  • Several examples of resignation in actual professional games;

See also : D'ohsuji

iopq: This seemed interesting, but I wouldn't buy a book that doesn't teach me how to grab my pant legs at the knees while making a grimace. That's the ultimate resignation technique and I can not settle for any less.

IanDavis: I understand this is covered in Resignation for Beginners

LithiumTwo: I bought this book - but only discovered I was already a master at this (having resigned a game I was winning by.... 3 moves from the end.. the other day :'( )

kevinwm: Don't forget:

  • Resigning in sente

SadSido?: This book is a real gem for every beginner. I spent some time studing it, but now I can say I have mastered the resigning technique. During my games in KGS, I always plan the resignation beforehand and sometimes I really take my opponent by surprise! Also, the book features a pair of handy resigning josekis, which are easy to use and always lead to a fair result for both sides.

Anonymous: I think I can handle most resigning techniques covered. Now I like to go one step further and study partitional resigning. That is resigning a killed group only, and play on for the rest of the goban without feeling sorry for the killed group all the time.

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