Ladder joseki

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Joseki

This page is for listing joseki that rely on ladders. The links should illustrate the ladder(s).

In each case, the ladder must work for either Black or White, depending on the board position and the severity of a ladder breaker. If the side for whom the ladder doesn't work would be at a disadvantage, then the joseki shouldn't occur. That these joseki do occur (at least in amateur games) indicates that (a) amateurs aren't aware of / don't read out the ladder until deviation is too late, or (b) the ladder isn't decisive, or both.

Contributors: Please check that the linked pages clearly show the ladder(s) otherwise the utility of the list diminishes.

Comment (Charles): We can actually add the anchor/footnote marks where required, and link to those specifically. That's not so tough: finding the right pages requires a bit more. The taisha is going to be a worthwhile but high-calorie special case. See Ways to avoid the taisha for the first ladder consideration there.

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