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SirLyric: a question sparked by reading through Hikaru no Go - at one point in the story Waya offers to teach Hikaru how to write a kifu and shows him a very complex-looking form with what appears to be much more information than the standard record, including time information. I can't seem to find any information about this kifu style on the web, but the manga says it's used for recording pro games - can anyone elaborate here, or is this fictional?

Blake: It's necessary for the game recorder to keep track of how much time is used for each move. You may not have noticed, but this function is taken care of by the SGF format when you save a game from a go server. An "official" kifu would store all of the information that an SGF file would.

axd: Another issue: kifu coordinates originate with a1 bottom-left, which is Black's perspective; but what if White wants to record a game (or, more generally, what if the kifu coordinates run the other way than the goban coordinates)? White should rotate the kifu by 180, or renumber the coordinates on her recording sheet?

A: don't print coordinates on kifu, leave this to the recorder? I guess that "official" kifu are recorded on kifu with coordinates, always from Black's perspective? (by a dedicated recorder) --axd

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