Game Record Form


A game record form is a piece of paper, usually with vertical and horizontal lines showing an empty go board, on which moves are recorded by noting the number of the move at the intersection where it was played, to create a game record.

The Japanese go term is 碁罫紙, pronounced "gokeishi", and meaning "go ruled paper".

Game record forms are sometimes called kifu, blank kifu, or kifu paper, but this usage should be discouraged, since kifu refers to the actual game record, not the form, and in any case the use of kifu itself is less preferable than the English game record.

Obtaining game record forms

Preprinted game record forms

Pads of pre-printed game record forms can be purchased anywhere go supplies are sold.

Downloadable Forms

  • The [ext] website of the Belgian Go Federation has blank game record forms available in the "Promotional and pedagogy" section.
  • Game Record Form for 19 x 19 games from Steve Sisk [ext] pdf
  • Blank game record templates (PostScript) designed by Dr. Fred Hansen of CMU can be downloaded [ext] here.
  • [ext] is hand-written PostScript by David. It is easy to change board sizes. Open the file in a text editor and change the following line:
/boardsize  19	def		% number of lines

If you're so inclined, you can also change the club name and the watermark letter, and probably even more things.

If you need the game record form in PDF, you can use the ps2pdf program that comes with [ext] Ghostscript. There is [ext] a web site that has a web interface to that program, and it works very well.

Forms from SGF editors

Open an empty board in your favorite SGF editor and print it.


In the worst case, here's how to draw a go grid freehand.

See also [ext] WP.

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