Alexander Yoshi - GoProblem1 / Solution

How about?

Diagram 1  

Diagram 2  
Diagram 3  
Diagram 4  

White will win by 2 points (assuming no prisoners captured earlier)

Another question - how come it's 2 and not 1?

KarlKnechtel: Surely Black 2 at the circled point is much better?

AlexanderYoshi: Clearly there has been a disparity between the last two diagrams. I've corrected this. Another interesting question is if Black plays at the squared point in the original diagram.

Diagram 2 variation  

DaveSigaty: White 1 in diagram 2 is wrongly placed, isn't it? Black 2 here is possible because if White intercepts at 3, Black 4 catches White short of liberties.

Diagram 2 variation b  

Therefore White has to hold back at 1, so what happens after 2?

Hmmm ... White loses? I'm not sure. This needs reading out. Thanks for the fix.


Diagram 5  

This? I think White would just connect instead of taking the ko, because to win it would be worthless.

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