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I realize anything i write here will look kinda dumb, look me up if you're online, i'm pretty friendly usually.

Mef is the new owner of the KGS teaching ladder, and much worthier of the responsibility, i still plan to teach there though

Acceptable nicknames:

  • Drimmie
  • Drimbug
  • Drimsie Pie
  • Drimizzle
  • Drimbles
  • Rimgreed
  • Drimber
  • Loser (for Basil)
  • Sheila, for those in the know
  • 10 second man

Kagura says hi. ^^

Has anyone noticed that all the small children in the Teaching Ladder seem to have disappeared? And that big white snake in Drim's KGS User picture is starting to look much fatter across the middle...


are you insinuating something? =)


"10 second man"? does it have anything to do with ur love life? ;) (no offence, drim..;P)


who knows.... ;-)



"Drimgere: I dunno, seems pretty simple to understand, for now at least, maybe eventually if people want they can have these games on their own pages and this page will just be to hold the links?" I found this edit on KGSTeachingLadder/GamesList and changed the author's name to Drimgere, since it seemed like a typo. This was one of your edits, right?

Drimgere is famous for appearing in KGSQuest

Drimgere last edited by on May 1, 2009 - 14:04
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