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This is a list of players on KGS (the KGS Go Server) who are ranked there as 7 dan or higher, including pros. Generally, players rated with a ? are not considered, unless they have played a lot of games with proper handicap and haven't lost more than a tiny fraction leading to a [9d?] provisional rating.

EGF Ratings as of February 7, 2005.

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Pro Players

9 dans (including 9d? with a rank graph higher than 9d)

  • bin7674 is Seok-Bin Cho, Korean 7-dan.
  • cziffra is Noguchi Motoki, French 7d, also motoki
  • Dfeldmann_is Denis Feldmann
  • gentlerain is Jang Bi, a former Korean insei who now lived in the USA briefly.
  • HCSH a Chinese amateur 6d. Also uses the account HFL.
  • kghin, is Chi-hin Chan, a Chinese 6d from Hong Kong, born december 1997.
  • mouton112, a Chinese player.
  • qsefthuko, a Chinese player.
  • RustySword is Oh Chi-Min, Korean 6d, teacher at Lee Ki Bong's International Baduk Academy.
  • smartrobot, is Jin Jing or Jack Jin 2p, also plays as jackJin 2p
  • thekuma, rank graph shows strong 9 dan from July to December of 2007
  • unknownplr a.k.a. yipingshui is Bao Yun, Chinese 6d from Beijing.
  • yuukikki, a Japanese player. Supposedly same player as reyuu and yukinosuke.

8 dans

  • aggressive, Kwon Hae-kwang, a Korean 7d teaching at the International Baduk Academy.
  • Cornel is Cornel Burzo from Romania, EGF 2596.
  • forgo is an AGA 7d.
  • khuang is Ke Huang, AGA 8d
  • LeeKiBong is Prof. Lee Ki Bong, founder of the International Baduk Academy
  • maru16, a Japanese player.
  • matsumoto, a Japanese 6d.
  • motoki is Noguchi Motoki from Japan, currently living in France, EGF 2625.
  • nakano1515, a Japanese player.
  • oysy
  • papipusyu, a Japanese player.
  • premacy, a Japanese player.
  • reyuu, a Japanese player.
  • Solaris is Cristian Pop from Romania, EGF 2684.
  • takemeba William Yang. He is famous for playing a lot of Simultaneous Go games.
  • zl9989, a Chinese player.

7 dans

  • abel, a Japanese player.
  • achapo2.
  • aguilar1 The famous strong player from South America (Argentina), Fernando Aguilar.
  • Ai.
  • aromo, Csaba Mérő 7d from Hungary.
  • asiyanobom, a Japanese player, one of the earliest 7-dans on KGS.
  • badstyle.
  • bipolar, a Japanese player.
  • Cirilla.
  • clzj, a Chinese player.
  • comet, a Japanese player.
  • darkmage a.k.a. Arwen is Chen Zhaonian from China, living in the US, AGA 8d-
  • dra, a Japanese player.
  • ebeetles, some random kid
  • fiying, a Japanese player.
  • Frozensoul is Christopher Sagner, 28yr-old AGA 6d
  • fswb is from Brasil.
  • Galileo is from Italia.
  • genetic.
  • hodo2, a Japanese player.
  • jim is Lucian Deaconu from Romania, EGF 2505
  • kageura, a Japanese player.
  • kakyoin, a Japanese player.
  • kensaku.
  • look, a Japanese player.
  • Machi, a Chinese player, living in canada, representative for canada in 2004 wagc.
  • macisajt is Pal Balogh from Hungary, EGF 2537.
  • michigan24.
  • minue622, Min-U Kan, a korean player
  • Mimicgo. Mimicgo is not French but can speak French fluently.
  • Nasdaq is from Hong Kong, now living in Sydney.
  • nemuri, a Japanese player.
  • obaQ, a Japanese player.
  • Paige is Paige Edict, Twitch streamer.
  • PASSAT, a Japanese player.
  • peridot, a Japanese player.
  • sai2004, a Japanese player.
  • sbcho. Cho SungBok?, Korean 6 dan, Speaks English, German and Korean of course.
  • schneider, a Chinese player.
  • shin0330, a Japanese player.
  • shiryuu, a Japanese player.
  • simonbr from Brasil.
  • SlowLife, a Japanese player.
  • supertjc, a Singaporean player.
  • takimiya (had a former account named Plutoh?).
  • tchinkiz.
  • toxxicu is Dragos Bajenaru from Romania, EGF 2613.
  • twoeye the "KGS-cat"

The KGS website hosts a listing of the [ext] Top 100 KGS Players.

tderz: from [ext]
I have not cross-checked against above list:

  • Name AGA # KGS Log On
  • Martin Mueller 5450 ExBoss? - noted Computer Go researcher (Explorer, Fuego)
  • Steve Stringfellow 2894 *dropped*
  • Seung Hyun Hong 2998 koram
  • Jung Hoon Lee 5806 jhlee
  • I-Han Lui 3616 VVV
  • Eric Lui 7673 TheOne
  • Zhaonian Chen 11331 zchen
  • Yuan Zhou 4566 yzhou
  • Jim Huang 9827
  • Wei Chen 7944 wabbit
  • Sorin Gherman 10100 sorin
  • Jie Liang 11018 gustofgo
  • Landon Brownell 11948 LBuni - 7D youth, also chess master

Landon Brownell, I regret to say, is dead. [ext]

  • Hosuk Yi 2042 kcaly22

Please add if you know more about these players. --Dieter
Alphabetized according to Handle (username, ID, nick).
Ratings change, which may affect usefulness.
The KGS Teachers list may be very useful for some.

On [ext] is a list of games from the last top 100 KGS players. It's generated 8 times a day (all 3hours) and there is also an archive with games from the previous months.

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