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Kirara is the KGS account of Ogoshi Ichiro, 8 dan professional of the Nihon Ki-in.

(Kirara opens his lessons on KGS, but it may not be so helpful to non-Japanese speakers... anyway here is the translation)
I am an active pro of the Nihon Ki-in, Ogoshi Ichirou, 8 dan. With the recognition of KGS, I will now play paid teaching games.
Of course, to better serve the improvement of all Go fans in fun and substantive areas, I will teach for a simple fee.
I only know very simple English vocabulary, so basically, I encourage Japanese speaking students to apply.
The following are my teaching provisions. Please email me about the particulars. I can use audio with teaching games and after-game analysis. Please see my home page for much more information: [ext] [1]

[1] Dead link, but Kirara presumably stopped teaching in the 2000s so it doesn't matter

2000 yen per game
from beginner to 9 dan
about one hour, I will set time system (byo-yomi, etc)

Please make an appointment for a lesson. I am awaiting your response.

Harusaki He is 8 dan pro. He teaches go at Shinjuku Igo School (2012).

Dieter: How does a 8p end up with a 4d rank? [ext]

bugcat: The kirara account has experienced five periods of play.

I. kirara the DDK / weak SDK, May to August 2002
II. The true kirara. He was 7-9d for much of May to September 2003, before being granted an 8p rank in October, thereafter playing until August 2006.
III. The true kirara, again, from July 2008 to April 2009.
IV. kirara the 6d. Despite Dieter's comment, he seems to have actually spent almost all his time at the 6d rank. He held the account from January 2012 to October 2013.
V. kirara the flaker, an unranked player who only played eleven games in September 2018

So the answer is that you were looking at the early stage of period IV, in which the third kirara was active. The article was made during period II.

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