Hiroshima Arumi Cup

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(広島アルミ杯若鯉戦) Japanese knockout tournament for young players (aged 30 or lower). The first five editions were not "official"; wins didn't count toward rank promotions. Sixteen players compete. Time control is 30 seconds/move plus 10 x 1 minute (NHK Cup system).

It's also called the Hiroshima Aluminum Cup, a more Western form of the title of its namesake sponsor, Hiroshima Aluminum Industry Co.

See the [ext] Go To Everyone! section for crosstables.

John F. The GoGoD database calls this the Young Carp Tournament, and in so doing follows usual Japanese practice. In text the usual reference is to wakagoi (and in abbreviations to waka). This is enough for Japanese people to associate it with Hiroshima, because the local baseball team is Hiroshima Carp. A minor problem with Hiroshima Aluminum is that this is American - English people (like some Americans) say Aluminium, which is also how the Japanese name is pronounced (although, admittedly, the company does use the American spelling). The more general point is that quite a lot of tournaments keep their tournament name but change the name of the cup according to the current sponsor. This is rarely an issue in Japan (though it did happen with the Meijin - the Asahi and Yomiuri swapping as sponsor) but is common in Korea, and to some extent in China. In other words, using just the tournament name as opposed to the prize/sponsor offers some hope of continuity.

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