Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 36 / Solution

Black lives  

B1 makes miai of a and b. At the same time, it protects against a clamp at c by setting up an ambush. The shape here also occurs in problems 18 and 34.

Main line  

White makes a attachment at W2, but Black calmly takes the miai point at B3. White seemingly connects underneath, but Black has the throw in tesuji at B7. White captures, next ..

Main line (continuation)  

White is in shortage of liberties. Look how black+circle helps.

Wrong (1)  

If B1 here, then White plays at W2, threatening to connect at a. If Black plays b to prevent this, then White can prevent a second eye to the right of b, and kill, with c or d

Wrong (2); White's mistake  

Note that W2 must not be played here! Then B3 and B5 lives, after sacrificing the two Black stones on the right. Of course, if B3 makes the mistake of playing at W4 to save the two stones, White plays the placement at B3 and Black loses everything instead.

Wrong (3)  

White can answer B1 at W2 or at a. After B1, white a and black b do not create a ko, as shown by the next diagram.

Wrong (4)  

White can simply connect at W4. Black's group is dead.

Wrong (5)  

Following on from diagram #3 above, B1 to B5 attempts to create a seki. However, W6 is a tesuji that will kill Black.

Wrong (6)  

B1 and B3 try to make a bent four.

Wrong (7)  

But the placement at W1 kills the entire black group. Note that if W1 carelessly plays atari on the five black stones at a, Black lives at W1 instead, with the under the stones technique.

KarlKnechtel: For completeness, note Black cannot live via under the stones by sacrificing six stones either:

Wrong (8)  

White is forced to capture at W3 (!) because otherwise Black captures at a and has two eyes.

Wrong (9)  

Black tries to continue via standard under the stones technique, but ends up almost filled with a dead shape .

Problem 37
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