North American Masters Tournament

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The North American Masters Tournament was a tournament for professional Go players in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Starting in 2000, top North American amateurs were also seed into the event. Unusually for a professional tournament, most of it was played over the Internet (on IGS). The final best-of-3 match was played over the board at the U.S. Go Congress until 2006

1995 Jiang Zhujiu (2-1 win over Jimmy Cha)
1996 Jiang Zhujiu (2-1 win over Rui Naiwei)
1997 Jiang Zhujiu (2-0 win over Michael Redmond)
1998 Jiang Zhujiu (2-0 win over Jimmy Cha)
1999 Jiang Zhujiu (2-1 win over Rui Naiwei)
2000 Jiang Zhujiu (2-1 win over Rui Naiwei)
2001 Jiang Zhujiu (2-1 win over Jiang Mingjiu)
2002 Jiang Zhujiu (2-1 win over Feng Yun)
2005 Jie Li (2-1 win over Thomas Hsiang)
2006 Jie Li (2-1 win over Feng Yun) details at [ext]

Further details and full results for the year 1995 - 2002 can be found at [ext]

This Tournament has been combined with The North American Ing Cup to produce The North American Ing Masters, a pro-am tournament sponsored by the Ing Foundation. The NAIM features qualifying events across the US and on the Internet; winners are seeded in with top finishers from the previous year to produce a 16 player field at the US Go Congress. Details can be found at [ext] or at NorthAmericanIngMastersTournament.

2006 League Results

                 JL    FY    MJ    YY    XL    HY    TH    ZC    Score
Jie Li            X     -    W+T   B+T   B+24  B+R    -    B+R    5-2
Feng Yun         B+R    X     -    B+T   W+R         W+13  B+R    5-1
Mingjiu Jiang     -    W+1    X    B+5   W+R   B+R   B+R    -     5-2
Yilun Yang        -     -     -     X    W+R   W+R   W+R   W+9    4-3
Lin Xuefen        -     -     -     -     X    B+R   B+R    -     2-5
Yang Huiren       -           -     -     -     X     -     -     0-6
Thomas Hsiang    W+3    -     -     -     -    B+1    X     -     2-5
Zhaonian Chen     -     -   W+13    -    W+R   W+R   B+R    X     4-3

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