Get Strong At Ko Threats

    Keywords: Humour

ChrisBall: Sadly, I actually played this move over the board, in [ext] Astute readers will notice that the position's been shifted; it was played on from a 4-4 joseki in the bottom-right corner.

Wouldn't it be better to have a Get Strong at Ko-Date page?

Yes, we definitely need a comprehensive ko-dating manual. Then we can all master the "wanna go see a movie? I'll cut your group if you don't" tesuji...

Just in case it wasn't clear, ko date. pronounced "ko dahteh", is Japanese for ko threat. I'm so cool because I use words people don't understand!

spazdor: Elephentary?!??!?

Phelan: Its a pun on elementary, I guess. :)

Karambol: How about that diagram to be put on the first page?

The ultimate threat  

Manabu: The one currently in the first page is more subtle and less stupid, so I liked it better. Anyway, let's have both in this page.

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