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Double kakari  

DaveSigaty: The original problem on BQM31 refers to Kogo recommending a as the preferred reply to the double kakari of W2 and W4. In the game cited, Black actually chose b. Black b is certainly the traditional reply but I wondered what is actually used most frequently in this position in modern Go. I used the GoGoD CD and limited my search to games from 2000-2001. The results for the 81 games listed that featured the double kakari were as follows:

  • Black a appeared in 23 games.
  • Black b appeared in 58 games.
  • Black c appeared in 1 game

I searched with an otherwise empty quadrant out as far as the neighboring star-points so these games represented double kakari attacks on the black corner stone - rather than replies to a black pincer.

Double kakari tsukenobi  

The most popular tsuke nobi variation proceeded through W4 in 21 games. Black replied with B5 in 19 of them (and a in the other two). W6 is the most frequent continuation, appearing in 14 of the 19 games (White b appeared four times and White c once).

I was surprised at how frequently this double kakari appeared in the top pro games of the last two years. A quick review of the games showed that is mainly due to White's efforts to prevent Black choosing his favorite large-scale fuseki.

Anti-Kobayashi example  

White plays to deny Black the Kobayashi fuseki. In this and the following example Black may respond to W6 before turning to the lower left.

Anti-mini-Chinese example  

White plays to deny Black the small Chinese fuseki.

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