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Do you think an article on Sensei's Library deserves to be featured on the front page? Nominate it here. (The nominator should put his own vote to his nomination.) Feel free to remove nominations which have a less than zero vote count.

  1. International Internet Go Greeting needs a bit enlarging but a nice page, Dieter: not go related?
  2. Pattern Language ++ -- has been dormant for a while, but it would be nice to restart this interesting discussion. (As well as have a path to the related pages.)
    • Making a suitable contribution to this page might be the best way to restart the discussion, IMO
  3. Furikawari +
    • Needs to be fleshed out a bit with an example, IMO
  4. Hikaru no Go to celebrate the last volume , or something like that
  5. Push the enemy towards your thickness (may need some work, but an hilarious picture explains the core meaning already)
  6. There is no connection in the carpenter's triangle (A shape which is best explained with a proverb and a name for its own.) +
  7. Blind Go
  8. Favorite Moment 6 If the analysis here is accurate, I think it's a very interesting example. +
  9. Hanezeki

External nominations:

  1. / I really heart their twitter feed. Most convenient way to receive game results + kifu without lurking on the goservers all day long.


Do you have a subject that you think would do well as a featured article and on which you would like to see an article? Request it here

  1. ApproachingALifeAndDeathProblemTheRightWay +- (Might need a little work first to bring it up to scratch.)
  2. GoProverbs +- (Another that needs a little work first to bring it up to scratch.)
  3. Playing against san ren sei +?
    • tapir: the page needs a wme
  4. Combinatorial Game Theory, CGT Path, and Tom's technical introduction to CGT ++
  5. 34PointLowApproachTwoSpaceHighPincer47Press or Fujitsu2011FinalGameAnalysis
  6. Sealing in by cutting across, was almost featured, but needs work
  7. Hashimoto Utaro - This has several votes, but the article is little more than a stub and does not do justice to such a great player.
  8. link collection links to lots of go sites

Humour page requests

  1. Kame No Itte

Featured Pro Project

Herman: I think it would be a good idea to regularly feature professional players. This will give us an opportunity to systematically go through those players that are requested, and try to improve those pages. Here's a list, please add professionals you would like to see featured, and vote on those already on the list. When a page reaches sufficient quality, it can be moved to the nominations section.

  1. Shusaku +
  2. Takemiya Masaki +
  3. Nie Weiping ++ (will be featured on his 60th birthday)
  4. Cho Hunhyun +
  5. Kobayashi Koichi +
  6. Xie Yimin + (There are many great players which don't have an appropriate page here. She has.)
  7. Kong Jie +
  8. Huang Longshi +?
    • tapir: Can anyone contribute something to this page, to make it a bit more respectable (which OTOH should not be copied from the article linked in it.) Any takers?
  9. Honinbo Shuei +
  10. Yu Ch'ang-hyeok +

Do not feature in near future

Re-Featured pages:

  1. Tanuki no hara tsuzumi - 1st featured in June 2009, re-featured July 2011
  2. Nose tesuji - 1st featured in May 2009, re-featured September 2011
  3. Double crosscut to connect - 1st featured in July 2009, re-featured July 2011
  4. Basic Strategies List - 1st featured in May 2009, re-featured October 2011

See also

Willemien: Am I adding to much Go humour pages? or shall I make a separate list of them?

Herman: No, that's fine. People enjoy those pages, so there's no reason not to feature one every now and then. There's several of them on the page of the month list as well.

Bob McGuigan: I just voted for Big Question Mark because featuring it will bring it to the attention of new or occasional SL readers and others who post questions in the middle of well-edited articles. Would it be possible to have a joint AOW? Say Big Question Mark and Quick Questions?

tapir: Why not? If this is the proposal someone should sit down and write a short feature introducing both. I did something similar earlier to get the RankWorldwideComparison/DataCollection started. I believe we should not go in the wikipedia trap to feature only the best content pages, we should feature the community pages, interactive places as well.

unkx80: It is possible to multiple pages on a single Article of the Week. Big Question Mark and Quick Questions are now in the upcoming list. =)

Phelan: It seems that we forgot April first this year. I was a bit disappointed. :( How about featuring a funny article next week to make up for it? I suggest Nuclear Tesuji, Most Difficult Problem, or Kame No Itte.

unkx80: At Phelan's request, I unilaterally bumped Get Strong at Go Parodies as this week's (2010 April 6) article of the week. If anyone disagrees, please feel free to replace it with another article.

Phelan: Thanks! :)

MrTenuki: As much as I hate to say this, it seems to me that we simply do not have enough articles of sufficient quality to feature a new article every week (cf. SL as an aging wiki). Should we as a community consider decreasing the frequency of new featured articles to every 2 weeks or even once per month?

tapir: There are enough articles if you ask me (re-featuring after 2 years isn't necessarily bad if you ask me). But lack of nominations and people contributing to preparation, everyone just relies on Herman doing it and it is a big surprise if he is not available for a week. (Ageing is btw correct english too :))

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