Automatic Article Of The Week System


bugcat: As we know, Article of the Week has repeatedly failed due to lack of input.

So I've come up with a semi-automatic process by which we can choose a new Article of the Week every week.


1. We consider the most viewed article in the six month list on Most Popular.

2. If it's been chosen before, we skip it and move onto the next most viewed article.

  • No repeating a Dieter's mistakes article twice in a row. And only the problems can be featured, not the solutions on their own.
  • No repeating a list article twice in a row
  • No cookiecutter professional profiles with no interesting information.
  • No featuring this article. We're not going meta.


Date (2022) Article of the Week
16 to 22 May Sofia Fuseki
23 to 29 May Dieter's mistakes in 2022
30 May to 5 June Weird and Wonderful, Volume 1
6 to 12 June Jo Bunen
13 to 19 June GBA Cup
20 to 26 June Dieter's mistakes in 2021
27 June to 3 July Sofia's Mega Rengo
4 to 10 July Dieter's mistakes in 2022 / Problem 2
11 to 17 July BQM 605
18 to 24 July Izis
25 July to 1 August Dieter's mistakes in 2021 / Problem 108
2 to 8 August Pros on Fox
Up next Points Lover Opening
And then Kim Eunji

Automatic Article Of The Week System last edited by bugcat on August 3, 2022 - 04:15
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