11th Nongshim Cup

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This page is dedicated to reviewing all the games of the 11th Nongshim Cup. The Sixth Chunlan Cup project died before I found SL, but it seems like a really neat idea, so I'd like to resurrect it. I think a good choice would be the upcoming Nongshim Cup, for several reasons:

  • Top players from the big 3 go countries
  • An exciting knockout format
  • Not so many games: 4 next week, then 6 in January, then 4 more in March. Gives us time to work on them.
  • All games should be available on [ext] Mr. Kim's Go News
  • See also the [ext] Go4Go tournament page

I'll be happy to transcribe them, and I plan on studying them, but help from stronger SL deshis would really make things work. If there's another tournament people would like better, I'm open to suggestions. I think the general idea of getting the SL community together to study pro games is a great way to improve the wiki (we can link topic pages to the reviewed games) and a good way for me to improve :)

The teams are:


 Lee Changho(9d), Park Yeonghun(9d), Yun Junsang(7d), Kim Jiseok(6d), Kim Seongjae(3d)


 Chang Hao(9d), Ding Wei(9d), Gu Li(9d), Xie He(7d), Liu Xing(7d)


 Hane Naoki(9d), Takao Shinji(9d), Yamashita Keigo(9d), Yamada Kimio(9d), Iyama Yuta(9d)

/Stage 1 Game 1

/Stage 1 Game 2

/Stage 1 Game 3

/Stage 1 Game 4

/Stage 2 Game 1

/Stage 2 Game 2

/Stage 2 Game 3

/Stage 2 Game 4

/Stage 2 Game 5

/Stage 2 Game 6

/Stage 3 Game 1

/Stage 3 Game 2

/Stage 3 Game 3

/Stage 3 Game 4

valerio: four players (Kim Jiseok, Kim Seongjae, Ding Wei, Iyama Yuta never played in the Nongshim. Past results of each player are (editions, games, wins-losses):

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