Sixth Chunlan Cup

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This is the starting page for the discussion of a major professional tournament with the purpose of commenting all the games. The sixth Chunlan cup has been chosen because the players who participated in that tournament represent a wide cross-section of the strongest players from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. Studying these twenty-five games not only provides experience like studying other pro games, but it helps keep us up-to-date with the latest developments from the top players in all the strong nations of Asia.

The game records are available for free online but without commentary. [ext] seems to be the most organized source, but Go4Go has many of the games as well.

Note: this project was discontinued after the partly transcription of several games

Round 1

Ko Geuntae(5d) Michael Redmond(9d)
Cho Chikun(9d) Yu Bin(9d)
Yoda Norimoto(9d) Kong Jie(7d)
Yuki Satoshi(9d) Zhou Junxun(9d)
Xie He(6d) Choi Cheolhan(9d)
Lee Sedol(9d) Taranu Catalin(5d)
Lin Shengxian(7d) Kono Rin(8d)
Park Yeonghun(9d) Chen Yaoye(5d)

Peng Quan, Zhou Heyang, Hu Yaoyu, Chang Hao, Hane Naoki, Luo Xihe, Gu Li and Lee Changho were seeded directly to round 2.

Round 2

Ko Geuntae(5d) Peng Quan(7d)
Cho Chikun(9d) Zhou Heyang(9d)
Yoda Norimoto(9d) Hu Yaoyu(8d)
Yuki Satoshi(9d) Chang Hao(9d)
Xie He(6d) Hane Naoki(9d)
Lee Sedol(9d) Luo Xihe(9d)
Kono Rin(8d) Gu Li(7d)
Chen Yaoye(5d) Lee Changho(9d)

Round 3

Peng Quan(7d) Zhou Heyang(9d)
Hu Yaoyu(8d) Chang Hao(9d)
Xie He(6d) Lee Sedol(9d)
Gu Li(9d) Lee Changho(9d)


Peng Quan(7d) Chang Hao(9d)
Xie He(6d) Gu Li(9d)

Third Place Match: Peng Quan(7d) vs. Xie He(6d)

Final: Chang Hao(9d) vs. Gu Li(9d)

  • /Final Round 1
  • /Final Round 2
  • (No Final Round 3 because Gu Li won 2 games in the best-of-three final)

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