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Hello. I'm a random go player, KGS ranks me at 3 kyu at the time of writing and etc. The username Samiroopo is just a romanization of how Japanese might spell my nick Samiloop. Completely spur of the moment while facing the KGS log-in screen for the first time.

They don't give enough room in the KGS user info, measly 1000 characters, so i thought that this is a better place to dump a personal info text.

Hiya. I'm a 21 year old Finnish go-player. I stumbled into go few days before creating this account (note: Sept 2002), and have been playing, studying and teaching actively ever since. Put up a game in Beginner's Room or the Straw Hut, and i'll click on it if have a free while to teach or study.

Anime and manga have become two irreplaceable hobbies of mine. Listing of favourite manga titles would be: Hunter x Hunter, Battle Angel Alita, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (His and Her Circumstances), Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (For you in Full Blossom), Great Teacher Onizuka, Hikaru no Go, Ghost in the Shell, Initial D, Akira.

There are also few anime titles worth mentioning: Azumanga Daioh, Gundam Seed, Haibane Renmei, FLCL, Puni Puni Poemi, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Seikai no Monshou, Seikai no Senki, Seikai no Senki II, Read or Dreams TV.

I'm always willing to rant and argue and discuss and more about any of these titles. My manga shelf consists currently of Kare Kano, Dragon Ball and Initial D, building up slowly but surely...

I study Japanese: Watch unsubtitled anime, listen to anime drama cds, read untranslated manga, surf around in japanese internet pages, write kanjis whenever my hand has been restored from the previous time, and also study grammar a little. (note: i'm still very utterly bad in anything Japanese) Earlier on in life i used to spend considerable amounts of time with electronic music, and that's why there are still all sorts of studio equipment floating around here... Multieffects and rack synths mainly (i still love my dearest Waldorf Pulse). Also i used to play chess for a few years.. before reading Hikaru no Go. :P

Go in my life is atleast a visit to KGS about daily, watching some high dan play, offering teaching games and reviews way much more than concentrating on playing even games, studying Go material in the internet, and reading various go books in bed before falling asleep (Attack & Defense and 1001 Life and Death Problems at the moment). Guess it's a pretty dominating hobby by now.

An update to this: Since September 2003 when 1 year of playing came full, I stopped playing rated games in KGS completely. There was a month-two of break from Go, but now I'm back and just playing around random people as unranked, or [-]. All kinds of ranks and handicaps are welcome ...

I also tried some rated games and surprisingly it seems I'm quite close to or at KGS 1d as of December 2003. What a total and complete surprise. Some people may have seen a "hälytysajoneuvo" around, that's my secret agent 007 account.

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