4-4 point distant low approach

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Joseki

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distant low approach
Black plays [ogeima]
Black plays [kosumi]
After the wedge

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distant low approach  

The distant low approach of W1 against a stone on the 4-4 point is not a very usual approach move. In most cases White would prefer a normal low approach. Black usually plays a or b.


The distant low approach usually appears after a wedge such as W1. Now W3 is a natural extension from W1 but going a space further is possible.

Black's ogeima

Black plays ogeima  

B2 is a calm answer to the low approach aiming to take a good portion of the corner and expand to the left side. White typically slides into the corner with an ogeima of her own and then makes a solid base with W5. In case there already is a white stone at W5, White can tenuki.

It should be noted that White's slide is rather thin and Black has a good follow up at the circled point. See 4-4 point ogeima slide follow up.

Black's kosumi

Black plays kosumi  

Black's kosumi of B2 very clearly aims to take the corner territory. White will usually extend along the upper side at or around W3. Black then secures the corner with B4.

After the wedge  

If White allready has a stone on the top side and does not feel the need to defend after B2, she can play at W3 or one space higher aiming to slide into the corner. If Black plays B4 the corner is completely secure (see three crows) but White did get to develop on both sides.


  • 50 variations can be found in Chapter 4 of Sanzi Pu by Guo Bailing. It has been translated into English under the title Three-Stone Games.
  • 54 variations can be found in Chapter 5 of Sizi Pu by Guo Bailing. It has been translated into English under the title Four-Stone Games.

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