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Kosh: Place your Go programs for mobile phones over here!

(Does anyone know of any programs for a Blackberry Pearl? I'm not sure whether or not any of these would work with it...) - riinamuras

([ext] GOWriteME and [ext] HandyGo seems to be the only one working on the Bold with OS 4.6, but these can't open a n SGF file from file system) - Hman?

@Hman: There is a testing version of GoWriteMe? linked in the support-forum that seems to work on Blackberry [ext] see here. - gost

Thank you gost - I can confirm GoWriteME works just fine with that development version (I tested on Torch, OS 6). Even the Touchscreen works even if difficult to use (Trackpad and keyboard are ok). - Hman?


Chess Go Clock ==== - THIS PAGE DOES NOT EXIST - 19.05.2012.

[ext] ChessGoClock - a timer for Go (and chess). It has both Japanese and Canadian byo-yomi.

EDA Go Reader

[ext] EDA Go Reader Supported mobile phones : Any MIDP 1.0 compliant Java phone, with at least a 128 x 128 pixels colour display size.

This program by EDA Games allows you to connect to through WAP and download games to review.

I have had problems to actually connect and I would like feedback from anyone who tried it successfully...

xedover: I use this all the time. Its great. Wished it had a few new features though. I had some trouble connecting initially, but a couple of times resetting the account and connection settings and it eventually connected (typing case sensitive username and password can be a real pain on a moblie phone, some models may not even allow it).


[ext] dpcgoban - J2Me Go program for hot-seat/multiplayer with observing via bluetooth games. Open source.

Handy Go

[ext] HandyGo A J2ME weiqi/go/baduk reader/editor that can run on any MIDP 1.0 enabled devices(phone, PDA). It can:

  • Solve dead-live problems
  • 2 players game with board size of 9, 13, 19
  • Multi-lingual: English/Chinese
  • Shipped with 30 local problems

Reuven: Works on LG U1820 as well! :) (As long as you feed the downloadable mirror url for the jar)

Tim: Works on Sony Ericsson t630. I've been looking for this for soooooo long :)

uxs Standard version works on Nokia 6170. The Nokia-specific version doesn't. I didn't try the online features.

uxs This works too on my 6170. The experience with both programs has convinced me that a mobile isn't the right platform for editing SGF.

nem In its own web-site, I found an extra file with 586 problems. It can be integrated in the main version. Works for me on SE K750.


Gome is discontinued, you can contact the author if you want to take it over.

Go Rating Estimator

Go Rating Estimator (J2ME - Mobile phones and other mobile devices, Open Source under the GPL)

  • Use of EGF foumulas. (Exp uses an aproximation, but it should be good enough).
  • Support for any result (A wins, B wins, jigo) (A= weaker player, B= stronger player)
  • Support for different types of tournaments: Type A, B or C
  • New Go Rating Estimation for both players.


[ext] GOWriteME

  • J2ME (MIDP2, CLDC 1.0).
  • Replay and record games.
  • Download games.
  • Load and save from file system (where JSR-75 supported).
  • Solve problem. Problems from Uligo, and gogod tested.
  • Mail games to own mailbox.


[ext] JWeichiango

  • Incomplete programming, where half the time killing a group is impossible, KOs don't work, and a group touching the walls automatically counts as if it has 2 eyes.
  • Fun, for when desperate times call for any GO application however.


[ext] mgo (J2ME - Mobile phones and other mobile devices, Open Source under the GPL)

    • Play, Load/Save, Replay (review), but (currently, active development) only partial SGF-handling (export/import with some minimum OS specifications required, single branch SGF only, no comments). Does download/upload to [ext] (only if http internet connectivity is supported by the device, of course).

Direct download from [ext] [Sourceforge]

Works fine on a Motorola RAZR2 V8 (and many others, cf. the mgo [ext] Compatibility List)

Tiny Go

[ext] Tiny Go (J2ME - Mobile phones and other mobile devices, Open Source under the GPL)

  • Complete implementation of Go game logic, including ko and handicap.
  • Fast antialiased zoomable goban graphics with all major markups ([ext] screenshot).
  • Modes: play, review, score and problem solving.
  • Absolute, Byo-Yomi and Canadian game timers.
  • Simple score estimation using Bouzy Map algorithm.
  • Rich problem solving mode with statistics tracking.
  • Save and restore state to quickly resume playing.
  • Save, load and solve problems using JSR-75 (device file system).
  • Translations: English and Russian.

very good program. works well with problems from

not so detailed instructions on how to add files.

  1. Download
  2. look for tgIndex.jar in the "dist" dir of the zip file
  3. Create a folder on your c: drive called c:\sgf
  4. download goproblems (you need a pro account) into c:\sgf
  5. copy tgIndex.jar into c:\sgf
  6. open a command line and type cd c:\sgf\
  7. next type java -jar tgIndex.jar c:\sgf\
  8. ".sgfi" file will be created. Rename it to sgf.sgfi and move it to c:\
  9. install tinygo into your handphone
  10. copy c:\sgf and c:\sgf.sgfi to your mobile phone
  11. in tinygo option, add in the path to sgf.sgfi

not so easy instructions. i think only geeks can succeed - eng60340

Some comments on instruction above:

  1. sgf.sgfi file and sgf directory should be placed in the same directory
  2. name of directory should be the same as the name of the .sgfi file
  3. sgf directory can't contain too many files - your phone may have problems handling it (my SE D750 works well with 200 files and hangs at 3000. Update: changed phone to C702, TinyGo? works flawless!)
  4. workaround: create sgf1, sgf2 directories, sgf1.sgfi, sgf2.sgfi and so on.

Tiny Go rocks. You have all functionality on your mobile (except for comments of course)

Like MGO, this works fine on a Motorola RAZR2 V8

ThorAvaTahr: Unfortunately I cannot get this to install properly on my nokia n82. The install stops nearly at the end with the message that there exists a certificate error and I have to contact the publisher of the program. This error persists even though I've tried all options to minimize certificate checking on my mobile phone. I think nokia n95 has the same problem since I came across some similar remarks from an n95 user on the sourceforge forum.

Ryohei56: If you get this to work properly you're doing well. When I tried to run the CMD line all I got was a message saying "Unable to access jarfile tgIndex.jar". Also (assuming you can persuade the CMD instruction to run properly) since when was .sgfi a valid file type? Finally, TinyGo? will not save games - it just hangs. Marks out of 10? About 4

t3suji: In response to Ryohei: TinyGo? used to hang when I tried saving on my cellphone (LG CU400). The problem was that the cellphone did not permit it to access the filesystem; I had to look up things online to figure out how to allow this. It was inconvenient, but it is hardly TinyGo?'s fault: phone's paranoid security settings are to blame. In other words, for any applet that is not officially certified, writing a file would have been a problem.

guest: Does anybody know which keys to use ? I have problems finding the keys to save a game or navigate back to the main menue. Thanks in advance.

Windows mobile

Windows phone

[ext] Robogot is a strong playing program for Windows Phone. Support various board size, adjust game level and One Color Go.


See the iPhone page


Tetsuki is an IGS client and SGF editor for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


See also the Android page.

Gobandroid HD

[ext] Gobandroid HD is a opensource goban for Android The app is available on [ext] Google Play for free.


The official IGS client and SGF editor for Android phones. Free. See also tetsuki editor.


There is a KGS client for Android cellphones. [ext] See more on the KGS help pages. It costs $14.99, and you get two free months of KGS Plus when you buy it.

Go Clock

Go Clock? is a free clock for Android.


Hugoban is a go application for Android. [ext]

antinoun: Far and away the best SGF viewer/editor for Android (not saying much). I really wish SmartGo was available for Android, but that may take a year or two...


Koalago is a nonfree go program for Android with IGS support. [ext] KoalaGo

To Categorize

Go Suite

GoSuite is available for Smartphone as well as for PocketPC.

Life and death for Smartphone

[ext] Life and death for Smartphone A go game software for Smartphone(Windows CE). There are more than 1200 problems to exercise.

Mobile Go

Mobile Go is a go client for PalmOS based mobile phones (Treo etc)


[ext] PandaPy is an IGS Go/Baduk/Weiqi server client for Symbian mobile devices.

Now you can enjoy playing and watching internet Go on your Symbian mobile device.

No proxy or fuss, minimal bandwidth usage, cool zoomable anti-aliased graphics, watch or play many games simultaneously, hear the moves being spoken by your phone, easy-to-use interface which saves your settings, all designed to make it an enjoyable experience.

Wap Go

[ext] Wap-Go Not really a program, just a site optimized for mobile devices, which allow You to play against GnuGo. Only HTML-browser is required, while JavaScript support allow to save more traffic. It takes less than 1KB per turn.


[ext] YAMGT

  • nearly full sgf parser (now supproting: variations, game info, comments, triangles, squares, circles, labels)
  • wap downloading
  • sgf uploading
  • load/save/delete/create games
  • create/edit game (functions: make variations, place stones, marks, labels and add comments)
  • supporting in-jar sgf-s

?the link here is broken?

Yygo Go

[ext] Yygo Yygo local browser is most powerful client to view local SGF and gib files. Yygo IGS client is a powerful IGS client to connect to IGS server to play and observe games.

  • support SGF and gib files
  • switch number, coordinate
  • support variables
  • support zoom in/out board and moving board freely
  • support normal screen and full screen
  • support touch screen
  • plenty shortcuts to navigate game
  • can try and score
  • can add/delete/edit/save sgf file
  • view latest games(update daily)
  • watch live TOM games


See also:

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