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This page describes Go related software for the Pocket PC. For other devices see Go Programs.


  • SLoT Sensei's Library on Tour is a little Java tool, that converts a wiki dump into a set of HTML pages for handhelds.
  • PocketSL The latest SLSnapshot refactored for viewing on Pocket PC
  • GoAlbum A problem browser/organizer.
  • /Java Virtual Machine: Potential for using many of the Go Java programs available on PPC.
  • IGoEnchi PocketPC IGS client.
  • [ext] Life and death for PocketPc A go game software for PocketPC. There are more than 1200 problems to exercise. Costs $11.
  • [ext] Go Chess Clock A chess clock with byoyomi support.

SGF viewers and playing Go

All this software has not been updated for years. Most people seem to play on the iPhone now. (2009)

  • GoSuite: Reliable display and editing of SGF files, with variations and all sorts of markup, play against GNU Go. Calculating the score with GNU Go now works if you install it right. Some small limitations: * It doesn't seem to be possible to promote a variation to be the main line of the game. * Only one game can be opened at once and no "Recent files"-menu and therefore switching between games is cumbersome.
  • Development version of "GNU Go 3.4 on Pocket PC": [ext] http://www.vieka.com/gnugo/download/GnuGo-3.4.ce.0.1.zip . Very nice. It will count for you and you can choose which groups are dead.
  • [ext] MultiGo edits SGF. Has lots of features, including variations. Fast switching between games. Cannot edit comments. Does NOT count the captured stones or the score and much less good than GoSuite.
  • Miniban Free SGF editor/viewer for the Pocket PC. Cannot handle variations. Does NOT count the captured stones or the score and much less good than GoSuite.
  • [ext] Remote GnuGo is a modification of GoSuite that adds the feature to play against an GTP engine running on a remote PC
  • [ext] Pocket GNU Go Based on GNU Go 2.6.3. Very few features, but playing works very good. It is very good at calculating the score and also shows the number of captured stones. But it has very little features. I miss most: Saving as SGF. And the board and stones are very ugly and so strangely sized that I have difficulties playing on it. Not updated in years (2009).
  • [ext] MobileGo Price? Works also with Windows Mobile 5.0. Integrated (very weak) computer player.
  • PocketGo? Since around September 2007, it is apparently no longer being actively maintained/updated. and the original download site has gone. It was described as a "Very nice, free SGF editor/viewer for the Pocket PC". The Deutscher Go Bund have a [ext] downloadable zip file for version 1.2.
  • [ext] PocketSGF: version 1.0.


Browse Senseis Library

http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/pocketsl.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/slot.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/sl.gif

Offline using PocketSL, SLoT, or the real thing over Bluetooth or WiFi.

Browse Other Go-related Sites

http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/gtl.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/gobase.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/dgs.gif

Watch Hikaru no Go

http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/hikaru1.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/hikaru2.jpg http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/hikaru3.jpg
... and the Go Go Igo segments
http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/gogoigo1.jpg http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/gogoigo2.jpg

Full screen video quality is quite good. [ext] Microsoft Movie Maker has a nice 'Save For Pocket PC' feature - about 60MB per episode.

Watch Jujo Jiang Go Lectures

http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/jujo1.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/jujo2.jpg

[ext] http://www.gomasters.com

Keep Tournament Photos

http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/photos1.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/photos2.jpg

Study Games and Kogo's Joseki Dictionary

http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/miniban1.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/miniban2.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/miniban3.gif

This is Miniban by Sebastian. It's a very nice and quite complete SGF viewer/editor with an interesting zoom and scroll feature.

http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/pocketgo1.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/pocketgo2.gif

This is [ext] PocketGo. It's a nice SGF viewer/editor. Helps with scoring at the end of a game (human determines life/death status and machine scores).

http://www.feniello.com/go/suite/screen.coordinates.png http://www.feniello.com/go/suite/screen.numbered.png http://www.feniello.com/go/suite/screen.browse.child.png http://www.feniello.com/go/suite/screen.markup.labels_symbol.png

This is Go Suite by AshleyF. It's yet another SGF viewer/editor for Pocket PC. With the newest version you can play against PocketGnuGo 3.4.


This is [ext] PocketSGF; a bare-bones SGF viewer.

Study Go Problems

http://www.feniello.com/go/album/images/five_by_five.png http://www.feniello.com/go/album/images/zoom.png http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/goalbum4.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/goalbum2.gif

This is Go Album by AshleyF. It allows import/export/solving of problems and rich organization with a tag taxonomy.

Play Against The Machine

(Guaranteed to make you two stones weaker)

http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/gnugo1.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/gnugo2.gif

This is [ext] Pocket GNU Go. Some more, older infos, from the old maintainer of the project: [ext] http://alex.seewald.at/go.html

Study Joseki


This is the soon-to-be-released [ext] TurboGo Joseki Tutor. For now, browsing Kogo's Joseki Dictionary with one of the above SGF viewers is useful.

Use software from a "real" computer with remote desktop software

If all else fails, you're free to use Terminal Services Client to connect to your desktop machine and run whatever software you like: play on IGS, KGS, etc.

http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/kgs.gif http://www.feniello.com/go/ppc/smartgo.gif

... and if you want to be a real wacko you can run the [ext] Palm Emulator and do everything from the Palm Pilot page ;-)

[1] The Overview chapter was moved from the [Handheld Software] page according to the proposal in Go Programs / Discussion. Please feel free to amend and merge nicely into chapter "Go Things To Do With Your Pocket PC". -- Sebastian, 2003-09-23''

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