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Hi! I noticed that you aksed about Go Programs for Blackberry. I'm looking too! ANy luck? If so, or not, let me know at - michelange.quay@gmail.com

Relentless - Rii Namuras, Knight of the Round Parentheses (15k)

(If you're wondering, yes, a Knight of the Round Parentheses always types in parentheses. It's a homeschool debater thing.)

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Bio of a Knight

(Or whatever.)

(Aside from playing go, I'm a homeschooler, amauter manga-ka, and a team policy debater, otherwise known as TP. No, it's not TD, that's team debate, which is not the name of team policy. Get it right.)

(If you're wondering, I debate with the National Christian Forensics and Communicator's Association, in the wonderful but boring Region Eight. Our resolution this year was Resolved: That the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should be significantly reformed or abolished. I ran a case reforming NATO Special Ops. I tanked, but it was fun, oh so fun, to run an SOF case and see the other team's faces.)

KGS Mentoring Scheme

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, look to KGS Mentoring Scheme. Currently I have no student nor teacher, so if you want to fill either spot you can message me at KGS (reenamuras) or drop a line here.)

05.30.07 - 13k KGS

(Yay. One stone.)

(I'm leaving on vacation in a few days, so I won't get to play for a while.)

05.14.07 - 14k KGS

(I decided to just join the Kisei clan instead. Too much trouble to make one myself.)

( ::goes off to play some games:: )

05.11.07 - 14k KGS

(Strange. Went back to 14 kyu. Ah well.)

(Still looking to clan creation, and am planning on playing a few games after lunch.)

(Later... I won my first game since getting sick. By 2.5 points. Yay for risky invasions. AND my first move ('twas a 4 handi game, I was white) I played tengen. ::big grin:: )

05.10.07 - 15k KGS

(Note to self: Don't play when noisy siblings are in the house and want to talk to you while you're playing.)

(In other news, I've been toying with the idea of creating a KGS clan, named (naturally), the Knights of the Round Parentheses. I looked at the other clans, but the only ones that interested me were made up of people far stronger than I. If you're interested in starting one with me, you can message me on KGS at reenamuras or drop a line here.)

04.30.07 - 14k KGS

(14k! And the truly depressing thing is, I can't play any games until next week because of work and a speech and debate tournament. x_x)

(Wow, it's so awesome to be doing freelance concept art and being able to say that it's "work." Only it's keeping me from playing some Go. But it's still pretty awesome.)

04.21.07 - 15k KGS

(I started playing on KGS in December of 2005?! Has it seriously been almost two years since I started? Wow. That was a bit of a shock as I looked at my info on KGS.)

(Win some, lose some. My rank's still flucuating from 16k to 15k to 16k to 15k again. At the moment it's 15k, but it was 16k just a few minutes ago. When you have the ? rank it goes up as the days go by... but does it still do that with solids? I don't think so... Oh well.)

(Hikaru no Go is very motivating. If ever I feel like I really should play a game, but don't want to, I just watch an episode and then want to play a few games. Of course, I always seem to lose the first one (like today), but I usually can bounce back.)

04.16.07 - 15k KGS

(Much flucuation in the ranks. 16k to 15k to 16k to 15k again. Whoop-de-doo.)

(Note to self: Don't play with a fledging headache. Never. It doesn't work winning-wise.)

(I did resign that one game - but because I knew I couldn't play at all due to fatigue and headache-ness. On a whole, though, the no-resignation rule has worked quite nicely. I have a tendacy to over-read my opponets strength and under-read mine, so in the first 50 moves I may be thinking, "Meh, I lost" but then turn it around in the next 5. I would normally just resign during those 50, not waiting for the game-turning 5. I have won many a game just by sticking it out.)

(I am very tired, and did just about didly squat today. No memorization, one game, and no tsumego. I may play some more, though.)

04.13.07 - 15k KGS

(Halfway to shodan! Getting this far this quickly is encouraging, even if I will certainly take far longer to reach shodan.)

(Desk is organized and enough (not all, gyeh, I have a ton) kfu printed. I shall now concive my get-to-shodan plan. Nice timing, too, tommorow being Saturday and Saturday = no school.)

(First and foremost, I am going to memorize games. I'm going to set a minimum of fifty moves a day. That means at least one game memorized a week.)

(Second, try to do at least ten tsumego a day.)

(And third, play any chacne I get, against whomever, with whatever time settings, and no resignations. Some whould think I'm crazy from that last one (I'd be inclined to think so myself), but every game is a chance to learn, and I'm not wasting any opportunities.)

04.11.07 - 16k KGS

(16 kyu - not at all bad, I suppose, for a few month's serious play. Though KGS says I've been playing December '06 (and learned how a few months before), I've only really been playing for a few months.)

(And in those few months I've wondered time and time again why on earth did I even start playing strategy games in the first place, much less seriously working at the hardest of them all.)

(I am, in short, a brawler. I play to fight, I hate backing down, and - what makes this nature currently deadly to my games - I act completely on intiution.)

(Do I read ahead? Not really. I'm too impatient for that. I go on first thought and stick with it. Which is okay, so long as that first thought's right. Hence the problem.)

(But it's not always wrong, which is the thing that keeps Go fun. Earlier today during lunch, I played a simply thrilling game (and won by 24.5 points). My intiution was both wrong and right throughout the course of the game (obviously more right than wrong) but the best and worst part of the game was when I had no clue which was which. It was positively thrilling when I realized I killed this huge dragon with my risky play, and then another - and that next one living later on because I didn't fully read out the situation. Oh well, at least one stayed dead.)

(And then, later in the day, I played again, with completely different results. In the first game at least I had some reading to accompany my risky play, but this time, for whatever the reason, I had none. As such, I died a slow and horrible death and begrudgingly resigned after the first 100 moves or so.)

(So I suppose my lessson was - Go is fantasticly fun when you combine risk with reading. I just need to combine them more often - and work on my intuition.)

(First order of business, though, is to clean my desk. As an artist, go player, team policy debater (carrying around 40lbs. worht of evidence is such a drag during tournaments - and then there's all the other stuff I have), and homeschooler, things can get... crowded. At least I'm dumping regular homeschooling for mad research for debate in the summer, community college in the fall, and full-time homeschool debate in the spring, I can use the space where schoolbooks go for other stuff that's been crowding the working end.)

(Once that's done, I'll finish printing off all my kifu and organizing them in a binder. Then I can work on the real plan - to shodan.)

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