Joseki-related life-and-death example 4

    Keywords: Joseki, Life & Death


Not recommended!  

Black should under almost no circumstances ignore the double kakari and let White play W1. But how does Black continue if he decides that he has to play this line after all?

xela: This position is rare in pro play, but not unknown. I have 83 hits in my database at the moment (early 2024), most of them since 2000...


Black retreats to san-san and White tries to keep his eyespace as small as possible.

xela: This appears in a few books as "the" way to live, but it's actually one of black's worst options! The living group is rather small. Even before AI, you see pro games where black plays B1 at a or b to get a bigger corner.

Kikashi before living  

Black plays the kikashi of B1 and B3 before living in the corner, in accordance with the proverb.

--Tasky (3d) I would absolutely not call this exchanges kikashi. Those exchanges are actually pretty bad for Black, since White gets very solid outside. Black plays B1 and B3 only because she has to make life; she would never play those exchanges of her own free will.

hnishy: Kikashi can be from inside or outside. The proverb "Play Kikashi Before Defending" refers to kikashi from outside only. So the term is right, the reference to the proverb here is wrong.



The hane at black+circle is absolutely necessary for living. Without it the black group dies.

A very extensive analysis of the life-and-death can be found at J-groups.

can't hane in sente  

How does black live if white retreats with W4 so that a black play on circle is not sente?

extend instead?  

guess: With the extra liberty at square, black doesn't fear a white placement at circle so he can extend down the side instead.

Alternative to Black's san-san

Better way  

Redbear: Black's retreat to the san-san in the 2nd diagram only results in a couple of points of territory after White squeezes the resulting Long J-Group with a placement at the 1-2 point.

This diagram shows a new recommended sequence resulting in significantly more points in the corner for Black.


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