Foolish Cycle

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A cycle in which one player passes less often is foolish on the part of that player if the rules in force do not effectively charge (at least) one point for each pass[1]. E.g. it is futile to persist in two for one under Japanese rules, because as soon as the prisoner pile grows large enough, its owner can give up the whole board and nevertheless win.

Robert Pauli


[1] AGA rules use pass stones to charge the player who passes; area scoring also effectively charges the passer in the sense that they fail to expand their area by at least one point.


Small pages

RP: To forestall Herman's remove request: No, I don't think this page should be removed. This is how hypertext should be. BTW, read Bill at the bottom of Count — what would he say about Cycle? Actually we could now delete parts of two for one or put them here — and that might not be the only foolish cycle.

P.J.T. 2019-01-26: I do not agree that hypertext should be highly fragmented into many small pages; what works for the (majority of) the community matters. I think that very small pages can be useful when they provide a clear link target for definitions of terms, but I would much rather have a single large page for exposition of a complex topic than have to click my way back and forth between fragments. Perhaps my memory is not what it should be, but I find it harder to remember what all the little bits say and think how they add up than to absorb them when they are all on one page, as long as they belong together of course. But this discussion really belongs somewhere else!
P.J.T. 2019-03-14: I have since (2019-01-30) created a Definition Template for this purpose, including a motivation for its use.

Proposed terminology

P.J.T. I think that this sort of proposed terminology can definitely be useful, but should always be indicated as such, with who proposed it and when. If it becomes broadly accepted or locally (here on SL), that might change.

Robert Pauli: So, let me declare, that I proposed it.

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