Don't play on the point of symmetry

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Like any other proverb, there are exceptions to the proverb play on the point of symmetry.

The symmetric problems page contains some problems where this proverb does not apply.

Example 1


For a simple example, consider this problem. It is Black to play.


The point of symmetry is not the solution.


The solution is just beside the symmetric point. Of course, being a symmetric position, B1 can also play at a.


If W2 blocks, then B3 is the vital point. After B5, a and b are miai, so White dies in a straight three dead shape.

Example 2


This is a shape problem: how does White protect against the cutting points?

Not recommended  

The trumpet connection, which is the symmetrical move, is normally not recommended.

Surely this isn't white's best response though, he didn't even try to resist the second peep. ~srn347

Not recommended  

Because it invites the peeps of B2 and B4, creating the overconcentrated and ugly B2 Bomber.


Any solid connection is recommended, because it leaves Black with at most one peeping point.

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