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I'm not much of a player. As a 21k? on KGS, I know that. I just find it strange that I can analyze positions fairly well (definitely for a 21k?) but I seldom find the best move to attack or save a group. If you're looking for a beginner to whup, look for e952x on the KGS server.

(this is a typical beginner problem that occurs when you don't look at the whole board before each move - slow down - it helps)

Pages useful for me:
Shortage Of Liberties
Open In The Corner and Particularly: 3-4 Point, 3-3 Point
Beginner's Mistakes

Kanazawa Tesuji Series These are quite helpful! :)
Beginner Exercises These too%%% Kyu Exercises :)

Now, I will be comprising a list of shapes that seem to be bad, but once learned fully, are actually quite powerful. Of course, don't follow my advice, but the advice of those telling of the power these seemingly bad shapes actually wield. Thus: QuasiBadShapes

Are there others?

The Power of the B2 Bomber

May 8th, 2005 As of today I have determined that I assume the life of some groups too easily. Especially crucial groups. Then I play them out, and then they die and I lose. I played this one game today where I did that and resigned. It was a really big group too...

Funny thing was, when I looked at the game and sealed up the lines, I only lost by 3.5-4.5 moku. What the (insert random explicative here)?

On a lighter note, I'm all but certain that I'm going to Korea for the first part of the summer. Guess what I'm going to do there? ;)

May 29th, 2005 I... don't know how strong I am anymore. I think I'm weaker on KGS than on an actual board. Mindset issue or something.

I do know that I had a good handicap run today, in the only go salon in the city. 9-8-7 and 6 stone victories against a 3 kyu and a close game at 5 stones. And undefeated against a 5 kyu with 3 stones. He was having a somewhat bad day though...

Actually winning means my game has to have become more solid. Problem? As soon as I got onto KGS, I didn't feel like I did on a board, and my play was just... not solid. I lost to an 18 kyu with a handicap.

I just don't know.

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