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In my last game, I decided to try something a little different to respond to keima approach. I'm sure it's wrong, but, because it worked this game, I'm not sure how. I took Black.

Strange way to play  

It continued like this. We are both 17 kyu level, so I doubt that either of us played the best moves. I think I confused him. Hadou Ken


HolIgor: After choosing B3, Black is not going to defend the corner, so 5 is not logical.

W8 is very bad. It kills the option of a peep from inside and does not gain anything.

Inside peep  

Since this peep remains, Black hasn't secured much in the corner.


Leaving the aji at a.

Bill: This is playable with the stone on the top side. Good thinking! :-)
You will find it in joseki books. The following, modified to take the Black stone on the top side into account, come from the Small Joseki Dictionary by Suzuki and Kitani. (But I wouldn't worry too much about joseki until you get close to shodan.)

Simple (cont.)  

B protects the corner and puts some pressure on the white group. Later, W5 - W7 is a possible invasion.
Instead of B2, Black at a is a consistent continuation.

Attach and press  

B2 - 4 (attach-block) is the usual reply to W1. After W5, B6 protects the corner. After W7 Black can attack with B8.

Attach and press (cont.)  

White lives, but Black is thick.


You may also consider B5, occupying the corner first and making a and b miai.

Correct Play  

If white goes A, black will respond with B, making both sides weak.

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