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My name is HadouKen. But you knew that already.

It is true, I have returned, after more than a year and a half of being gone. Most of that time was spent... not playing Go. So I didn't keep on advancing. Right now, my name on KGS is MadProphet?, and I'm 19k?.

Interestingly enough, I made it back to 19k after only a few games... and I just beat a 18k by a wide margin. My ability to read has atrophied to nothing, but I guess my Go sense is still relatively strong.

Right now, I'm a computer science/philosophy major at the University of Tulsa as a freshman.

Old Stuff from Long Ago:

Jan: Hi HadouKen, and welcome to the world of Go, welcome to Sensei's! Why don't you play on KGS or Dragon Go Server or even better find a real club near you? That way you'll learn a lot quicker, since a lot of opponents are willing to talk after or during a game. If you want to I could play a teaching game on DGS (preferred; so I can get some work done besides). My nick (on both servers) is yatima2975, feel free to invite me.

And go watch some Hikaru no Go (unless you're on dialup :-)

I'm already a HikaruNoGoJunkie actually. I am on dialup, so I can only read the manga off of Toriyama's world. :( Maybe I'll get a friend to download the anime for me and burn it to a CD.

I've been thinking about moving on to some more serious servers, actually. It is getting too hard to find a good game on Yahoo! Games. So be careful, I might take you up on your offer! :)


Jan: Fine with me! Dragon Go Server has my preference since that enables me to play from work and the play-by-mail also solves some problems with different timezones... And oh, I understand they have nice Internet connections at most universities :-)

In recent news, as of January 13, 2003, I have joined KGS and played a couple games. I first pushed a 29 kyu into resignation in a free game, then later played a 23 kyu in a rated game. He resigned a fifth of the way in. I'm not sure if he was just intimidated (I had just defeated an invasion) or if he had to leave. I wish I knew for sure. *sigh* In any case, KGS has ranked me at 22k? for now. Yippee!

As of January 24th, 2003, I have somehow made my way up to a weak 21k? on KGS. Ignore the question mark; I played a 23 kyu today with a handicap of two stones, and I lost by less than the estimate I've seen of thirty stones benefit. (I won't tell you how much less, except to say that if I hadn't lost those seven stones, I would probably have won by three or four points.)

I have made my way up to 18k? KGS. For some reason, it just won't get rid of that darn question mark. I'm not sure why, actually. I have seen many people with fewer games who do not have it.

And one question: my rank chart puts me at 17 kyu, even though the name bar gives me 18 kyu. I noticed that after I advanced to 19 kyu, the graph said 18 kyu until I played another game. Then it said 17 kyu and the name bar gave me 18 kyu. It is very confusing. My question is this; does that mean that my rank is actually 17 kyu, but that it can't advance me two levels with one game?

Which actually brings me to another question. Do Streaks Mean Anything? Other than that, I'm a nerd. My interests include science fiction/fantasy (I'm a Lord of the Rings addict!), anime, studying the Japanese language, and just goofing off.

I am currently a Junior in high school, but I'm homeschooled, so that isn't as precise a marker as it is for most students. I intend to study Computer Science at Tulsa University on graduation.

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