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Dieter: I'd like to learn more about this fuseki pattern because it often occurs in pro games and it happens to be played against me as well. I assume this is a Kobayashi fuseki variant. The kosumi of B9 is described at 3,4 point distant low approach, kosumi.

Next, ...


... this is what Dinerchtein in his commentaries on very often describes as "the usual pattern". I'd like to understand more about the peep at B3. I can see it coming that thousands of amateur games will contain this "joseki move" without anyone understanding its purpose.

My ideas: if W4 at a instead, Black doesn't need to defend at B5 because a white approach there can be cut off thanks to the gap at W4. In this case, both defend. Question: what happens if W6 is left out ?

Charles Well, first, I guess B5 at the circled point is more the normal idea. If we are talking about the variation with black+square, that's less common than one to the right, of course. And I know more about the peep B3 when white+circle is at the square-marked point.

That all being said, Sasha is talking about things 'well-known' in Korea, amongst the young pros. His commentaries assume this kind of background.

There is nothing especially mysterious here, I think. If W4 is forced, and there is no way to resist, then B3 becomes an inducing move for B5. There are other examples on SL that I'll reference when I find them.[1]

Just one point, mentioned by Guo Juan when she was in London a few year ago:

A way to resist  

It seems that W1 is the tactical chance to avoid being forced.[2]


I meant



Charles I don't see any pro examples exactly like that. I do see what's in this diagram: after an earlier exchange black+circle/white+circle/black+square, White uses the kikashi W1 to strengthen. This controls the black+circle stone to some extent.

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