BQM 571


Black has just played 1 in the diagram, White tenuki. White (much stronger player) assures me that Black can kill.

Black to play and kill.  

Andy: Black can think about starting with the monkey jump to reduce white's eyespace.

ThorAvaTahr: Good suggestion. For killing purposes the small monkey jump is usually a little bit better (but depends on the circumstances ofcourse). It is because than black is more flexible to sacrifice black+circle, it does not give white an eyeshape when black+circle is captured.

Lets have a look at some variations.

Black to play and kill.  
Black to play and kill.  

Now A and B are miai, white lives in this sequence. (Note that B3 is necessary because if white plays there the capture of B1 results in an eye)

Black to play and kill.  

Here sacrificing B1 does not give white an eye. But white's shape is so large that it lives (by the grace of its outside liberties).

Black to play and kill. 9 @ 2  

In this case white live as well

From this short survey I would conclude white lives, but surely I could mis a variation.

Black to play and kill.  

unkx80: I thought that this is the "standard" problem. The original problem seemed too wide to kill.

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